74hz - Subterranean Fairyland

I tried to make electrofunk(or boogie as some call it), but failed horribly. It’s more like a cheesy popsong x)

Feedback is appreciated as always :)/>/>

I’ve been experimenting with streaming since yesterday.

You can find the VODs from yesterday and tonight from here:

I try to stream on daily basis, let me know what you think. And if I got you interested, follow me on twitter - I’ll tweet when I’m about to stream .

Here’s another song that I managed to finish today.

Nothing wrong with either song whatever you think of it yourself. The second one is perhaps sounding a bit weak or differently defined:The percussion is coming out a little too strong in the mix.

Thanks for your comment. Yeah I agree that the second song sounds a bit weak. I’ve been considering that i would mix / master it over again.