8 Bit/12 Bit Vsti Sampler

have Kontakt and Halion etc. looking for something that emulates an ensoniq mirage or eps or an akai s900. anything like that out there? came across this Morgana sampler here http://www.112db.com/ could be wicked, but it doesn’t seem to be released yet.

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Tried to convert the patches to a more readable format? Or does the converter mess up the wave-file integrity when converted to 16 bit?

there’s timemachine, but it’s an effect not an instrument. it’s supposed to accurately emulate the characteristics of vintage samplers by degrading whatever you run through it.


always tought about buying one of those old akais (s1000?) which make this distinct, crisp sound if you pitch a sample down because the audio is run through some tubes … would love to get this as VST because this would be my first hardware piece and my studio is not really meant for something like this.

Good news: it is almost out! We have just started a public beta (con)test… simply sign up to our forum at 112dB Forum - Index and read the instructions there to try the beta.


– dj!

nice, thanx!

load up the lofimat in the DSP chain and select 12bit? that should give it some crunch right?

Playing samples with no anti-aliasing will also give you that crunch-effect. It’s not really the same effect as bitcrusing, because the bit depth is the same, but the sample isn’t smoothed out when played faster or slower than it’s original speed.

This is something I always wanted in Renoise - a mode that would be settable for either each instrument or sample, but probably very few but me would be crazy about it. :) It IS a fun way to spice up dull samples though, they will get more crunchy.

yeah bro.
i want the same feature too.
for more MPC60 or SP12 feel like.