8-Bit Mega Man Compo (Renoise Exclusive)

I love Mega Man.

1. Make a song that bears the old and nostalgic feeling of a simple 8-bit Mega Man song (NES Mega Man 1 to 6, with a twist). If you’re clueless: CLICK!

2. Use only the samples from the provided xrns pack (2.5 ->), CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE SAMPLEPACK! (the samplepack is actually a short demo loop, delete the demo song and start your own track from scratch).

3. Do not edit the samples in any way (the only editing you can do is through the pattern and instrument editor, keep the samples in their original form. Also, no sample duplication or copying).

4. List of the allowed fx (Renoise DSP only and you can use only one of each fx ONCE in one channel):
[i]- Delay

  • Gate
  • EQ 5/10
  • Filter
  • Mixer EQ
  • RingMod
  • LofiMat[/i]

Do not put anything in the master channel or change the setting on the maximizer there is now!

5. You have 5 channels to work with, no more no less (the original NES music is only 4 channels worth of data, but I thought to give this one a little spin).

6. Your own original unreleased work (means no covers or remixes).

7. Upload and submit a link to your entry (.xrns) to me as a private message, this is because I’d like to throw all the entries out at the same time - anonymously!

8. Compo deadline: 15th of September. (won’t bother to set up an exact time, I’ll be the judge whether you’re late or not. Safe to say I’ll most probably accept entries on 16th of September or so).

9. Public voting will take place after the deadline. All entries will be presented anonymously.

10. Give your song a Mega Man’esque title! Examples: Wood Man, Dr Wily Stage 2, Boss Theme, Flame Man etc. you’ll catch the point.

11. Co-ops and multiple entries allowed. There are no limits here really. Just remember to name every tune you pull out of your Mega Buster. And if possible, maintain your anonymosity until the results are in.

12. Song length can be anything from 5 seconds to 5 minutes.

13. All sort of Renoise commands are allowed.

13. Music style: Chiptune Hard Rock/Ballad/Jpop? Who cares, it’s Mega Man.

In the very end I’ll be the judge whether your tune is way beyond the Mega Man point of view or not, although I’m not planning to be awfully selective here.

If people think the deadline needs to be pushed further away, please let me know. Would be fun to get some entries in after all!

Q: Too few chip samples to work with, the original Mega Man uses tons of different kinda chip sounds!
A: Yes, the sample pack is sort of limited. There’s a hidden reason for it to be that way.

Q: What’s with all those allowed fx, it’s not Mega Man if you use those!
A: True, the outcome won’t sound like true Mega Man if you use some of the fx that are allowed in this compo. But I wanted this compo to have a twist (like if using Renoise to make Mega Man music wasn’t twisty enough).

Q: Why should I bother with this compo?
A: You love Mega Man so much you want to enter this compo.

Q: What/who is Mega Man?
A: You’re officially banned from my network from now on.

Winner gets an envelope filled with poorly selected random item(s).

…am I the only one around here who loves Mega Man, especially for the music?


Gonna fire up Mega Man 2 on the NES when I’m home, to get in the mood! :D

But… I WANT TO DO MARIO MUSIC!! :panic: :(

Duuude, lay off the mushrooms man ;)

Mega, man…im in

Everything is allowed unless I mentioned it not to be allowed in the first post. Meta-devices aren’t fx -> allowed. Automation is allowed. Routing is allowed (but still, you are not allowed to use same fx twice in one channel, e.g. you can’t put a delay in track1 and use a send device to throw another delay to track1).

done :)

Darn, I was hoping I could do something like this song:

Do we have to use 2.5 or can we use the new 2.6 beta? Using latter would probably be problematic to demo users.

Latest full version which means Renoise 2.5, but I’m willing to accept 2.6 as well.

I couldn’t recreate a Mega Man Melody for the life of me… afraid I’m not gonna participate, my skillz are lacking

Due to the lack of entries I’m pushing the deadline further, so all you three who did feel the inner Mega Man and submit: you have my respect. As for all you others…

The new deadline is 15th of September.

All of you who didn’t manage to make an entry before: try again!

I’m shocked actually… there are only three Mega Man warriors lurking here at the Renoise boards?

I’ve been dabbling with one as I like chiptunes and wanted a relatively easy introduction to learning Renoise. So since this is my first renoise tune, I was reluctant to post it as it’ll probably be very embarrassing compared to you guys!. It was quite fun to make though, so perhaps i’ll just post what I have anyway. ;)

If I only had my computer setup. Sounds like a fun compo.

Hey dfast, this sounds fun. But I’m a little confused by your guidelines.

You say:

but some FX are allowed and the style is open-ended.

Sooooo… is this supposed to be sorta semi-pseudo-chiptune? Should I write something like Mega Man, or something original? At what point would a submission be “out of bounds”? A good submission attempts to push the limitations of the compo rules.

Semi-chiptune yes, hence the chip samplepack. About the feeling of those old Mega Man games: in the end you’re the judge of that. I can’t really define what’s Mega Man.

As the rules imply, you’re supposed to write an original song that sounds at least a bit like Mega Man, music influenced by Mega Man moreso.

A good submission makes you want to play Mega Man while the the submission is playing in the background.

finished mine. It’s probably pretty bad but I did it more for practice because I want to get better at tracking! removed mp3 lol

Hey, I was curious to give this a try, but I was unable to open the “Song.xml” file. I got the error message that said that the file was “saved with an incompatible, more recent version of Renoise”.

Could anyone tell me what the maximizer settings were on the master channel?

Cheers for the entry! Only that:

7. Upload and submit a link to your entry (.xrns) to me as a private message, this is because I’d like to throw all the entries out at the same time - anonymously!

The maximizer settings were the default settings, so just put in the plugin and voilá.

The xrns was saved with Renoise 2.5, so that’s the minimum requirement for the song file to open up.

oops! i’ll get on that lol