8-Bit Renoise Mega Man Compo (Ghetta Buster)

I did this one for a compo that was dead a while ago (AND SHOULD BE RELIVED as often as possible because Mega Man PWNS.) I did it anyway just because I love Mega Man so much. Though the song isn’t something you would find in an actual game, there is a ton of Mega hidden all about it.


cool beans!

The question is : when do you listen to chiptunes like this ? Which moment is the more appropriate for you ?! Anyway, this is a fun chiptune track, there are interesting effects in there. :)

Chiptunes are just another genre to me, therefore I listen a few times a week…they inspire me :walkman:

edit:sweet tune btw! :D

Nice chiptune perfect fits for some olschool racing game :)