8 channel track I finished over the weekend

Hello everyone, today I’m posting this track that I began working on last week, and talking about what I was trying to do with the style and production of this song.

So I was really trying to create more of a dream like state with this song, or just “what having a dream sounds like in my head” I used Tal Sampler for all of the melodic and harmonic elements of the song, and then another 4 channels for audio/samples. So 4 vst channels and 4 audio channels basically.

I don’t know if I succeeded in what I was trying to do, but I thought it was interesting enough that the person reading this would want to check it out. I’m currently away from my home, so when I get back, I’ll be sure to post the xrni file and stems here in case anyone wanted to take something from this project.

So that’s pretty much all I got for now, I like using Tal Sampler a lot, even though my laptop clearly cannot handle it. So I would like to try to incorporate more of the sound on this track into more of my other songs.

Thank you for giving it a listen as always. If there’s any feedback about composition, mixing, a particular section or something else, feel free to speak your mind


How did you manage to leave your SC link vertical and why?

As you wish. My first impression was “Silent Hill”. The first sound of your soing sounds exactly like this (I assume you know that game) and I like its dark atmosphere. After 23 seconds you added more stuff and the atmosphere wasn’t that dark anymore. For my taste the drums are a little bit too heavy for achieving a “dream like state”, but it fits to the sound. I’m not sure about the pad starting at 2:17, I think I would replace it. The mix is ok (I checked through headphones only), but you should dull the higher sounds such like at 0:58 or at 3:17, and the birds at the end are way too loud. Think about using a de-esser at this point. These highs need to be softened, but you should decrease its volume anyway. Well done, you just made the next step on your musical journey. And I like the fact that you’re thinking about the background of a song respectively what you would like to achieve with your sound.

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Thank you for taking the time to respond. I feel like i’m starting to look for what i want truly want to do for a song, and then looking for going about the process in order to achieve. I think it used to be, and still is for some extent, me just trying to create whatever, just because i needed that experience in making a bunch of songs, and i feel like i can finally move away from that and just try to create what comes into my head.

I still definitely have a long way to go before i reach that skill level of just being able to produce at the most efficient and creatively productive level, and like you said, there’s definitely some choices here that i could’ve made differently in order to make my idea more clearer, but I’m definitely ready to keep learning, keep making more stuff, and keep building up my experience with producing, cause it’s always fun for me to reflect on the progress i’ve made, only to realize that’s a drop in the bucket compared to producers who’ve been making music for 10, or even 30 years+.

Got the stems right here

You’re welcome! It’s kind of fun to listen to other’s work and talk about it. And of course it’s fun to give newbies some advice as well as to exchange some ideas. That’s the reasion for the existence of forums. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, at the beginning it’s very much experimenting, quite normal. You have to get to know your DAW and how to create music and usually you’re creating every style. It takes 1-2 years to know what you would like to do and how you would like to do it. Experience is stringently required.

Well, I make music since 1991 (with a lot of years in between without doing anything) and I’m still struggling to create what’s in my head. The problem is to find the right instruments right away to realize your idea. If you have to search through all your instruments your idea is gone quickly, instead you’ll get thousands of other ideas. The result is something completely different than your original idea. The more experience you got the better you can achieve your musical ideas, but it will never be perfect.

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