80's / Breakdance'ish / Hardcastle'ish Etc.

my new track

check it out!

crappy video though. :(


Damn! That was nice! I want more :D


thanks :D


i like it :)

Indeed a bit Paul’s style, and thast why I like it :wink:

BTW I listened to Hardcastles discography a couple weeks ago and he sure is way too unappreciated artist. All his albums are worth the money.

nice little tune man! any chance of an mp3 link?

hehe, sure, you can get it here. :)

Look what you did. You made me do an “80s” remix. Happy now? :panic:

Duran Duran - All she wants is (Hooligans oldskool elektroremix)

Cool track Mitch, breaking and entering.

M, like to watch Ghostbusters or Beverly Hills Cop now.
Good track!

hehe, thanks people, guess i’ll start working on a sequel. B)
cool remix btw hooligan. xD

it got me pop locking ! :walkman:

nice tune !

Nice track, i’m very into the 80’s sound so I really enjoyed this. Great with the large reverb on the last snare. :)

nice tune. brings back childhood memories :wink: for some strange reason I have to think of Chaka Khan when listening to it …