80's music

Hi everybody!

I love 80s , I love reverb , big drums , good melodies , old synths etc. icon_smile.gif. I am a composer and singer who makes european synth pop (or eurodisco) style and also AOR,Movie style songs. I’m looking for person who can help with composing, making better arrangements , sing or other things … I am using Mixcraft 7 pro studio … and Renoise tracker for making instrumentals. Every idea , help are welcome.



Get some samples of the Linn lm-1 drum machine, that was used a lot in the 80s, or oberheim dmx, old roland, seq circuits .

Then some analog polys or plugin emulations… Prophet 5, jupiter8, cs80, juno106, oberheim obx, etc
A minimoog and arp odyssey would work too.

You don’t need all of them, but they are all good for the 80s synthpop stuff

If you have a fast cpu it might be worth getting u-he diva synth, you can get some old sounds like the above synths.

Hope that helps

Thanks a lot for ideas , but I can create that old style . I have some “almost” finished demos with vocals and tons of VST , samples of synths too. Mostly , I need better motivation, better ideas for songs, different hands with arrangements, different ideas for composing.

Here’s is my first fight with high pitched chorus:


More movie style … now song is more advanced with vocals and it has great intro …



Above, another demo with bad vocals (it’s just a demo) …

Oh, I am not talented with making lirycs …

I know, that demos are nothing special, so sorry for yours broken ears :stuck_out_tongue: . All these songs have 100% 80’s instruments (from Linn drumm till Emu emulator II, Roland d50, some Korg synths and others). All instrumentals made in Renoise (forever :slight_smile: )

I create project : Fairlight (tribute to CMI synths and old demo scene cracking group, and… I like that word :stuck_out_tongue: ), but recording vocals,making music,lirycs,arrangements is fun and terrible too :stuck_out_tongue: . That’s why I can’t finish anything :slight_smile:

Regards :wink:

Oh, I am not talented with making lirycs … oh all 80’s is about cheesy vocals : D have you tried make songs about love? :huh:

and that demos are ultra awesome! i could not tell the difference is that from 80’s or it is some kind of new wave!

finish them and go rock the whole polands dancefloors!!!

what i can suggest for free is

http://www.kvraudio.com/product/phutura-by-phuturetone - alpha juno emulation simple and sounds great

http://www.kvraudio.com/product/tal_u_no_62_by_togu_audio_line - another great juno 62

http://www.kvraudio.com/product/polyvoks-station-by-syncersoft - RUSSIAN minimoog called polyvoks!

http://www.kvraudio.com/product/mono-fury-by-full-bucket-music - korg mono/poly

http://www.kvraudio.com/product/obxd—virtual-analog-synthesizer-by-datsounds - oberheim OB-X emulation