80S Synth - Criticism Welcome!

This is my first attempt at making an “outrun electro” tune, inspired by Mitch Murder, Lazerhawk etc… would love to hear what you think about it and what could be improved! =)

nice one.
tried to vocoderize the vocal (slightly)?!

How do you slightly vocoderize vocals? :unsure:

Really nice tune!

The bass drum sounds a bit snappy but might be just my headphone.

I really like the vocals as it is. I could try adding sligthly compression and delay. But don’t make it sound like mush, the tone is great without effects too. Did you sing this yourself?

Thank you! =) Yes, I recorded the vocals straight into Renoise. Havn’t tried it before but it worked pretty well. Only problem was that the “s”-sounds easily became really sharp. Guess I’de need some filter for the mic or maybe a better one…

I’ll take a look at the kick and see if I can make it a bit smoother. I just started learning about mixing and sound modification… do you know of any good tutorial on how to get a nice clean sound over all tracks? I’ve a hard time making sure that the kick, bass and synths doesn’t get messed together. I’m just adding a 10 EQ to each and fiddle around until it sounds ok but I’m sure there are some more good tricks.