80's Workoutpass Pop + Mellow Electro

two of my most recent tracks i’ve been working on the past weeks, here, and here.

:ph34r: :ph34r: :ph34r:

Nice 80’s vintage tracks indeed… they don’t make em like this anymore these days…

Nice listenable stuff as always Mitch Murder! My quickie reviews:

After Hours Run - There is some dreamy/escapique about the harmonies, which makes me think of Amiga tunes from the early 90’ies (i still don’t understand how those sampled chords could make such an impression on me), but influenced by Tangerine Dream (“Yellowstone Park”) and with the sound not far away from Harold Faltermeyer. I like that you’re “stuck” with a sound, it helps to give your tracks an identity of you. I’m wondering why the lead is mixed so low though, kinda like you wanted it to be a soundtrack with other elements appearing over it instead of it being a “single”. Fun to hear the Solid Bass used again, it’s a killer.

Coup de Théâtre - A little more Paul Hardcastle-ish. I love the percussionstuff and your pads. Sometimes I think you’re more in the love with the sounds than the actual melodies. :)

oh, thanks. :)

tangerine dream and paul hardcastle is indeed one of my biggest influences when it comes to the more “classic” 80’s sound, pad/arpeggio combinations etc.
about the lead in “after hours run”, yeah, it wasn’t really intended to be as low as it turned out, but i left it like that since i kinda liked how it melted together with the rest, not 100% sure about it yet though, oh well.

anyway, great little review there. :)