9-11 Truth... The Continueing Story...

Already a long time out, here is the clip in full time (dutch subtitling)

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my girlfriend keeps talking about this. i haven’t watched it yet though

Been looking into these theories for a while now and have to say that a lot of them are compelling. I approached them very skeptically but there is a hell of a lot of evidence surrounding this issue.

For others interested, along with loose change you may want to check out physics professor Steven Jones giving a lecture on the building collapses:


Recently also an engineer Charles N. Pegelow came out and said that he thinks explosives were present:


(see 24 Aug show hour 2)

How about the police-state… seeing this footage would really piss me off if police would behave like that to me…

At least i know understand why their national alarm-number is called 911.

There are some very concerning laws that have been passed since 911 i.e. the Patriot Act in the U.S. and others in th UK, which give increased power to the police at the expense of personal liberty. Scenes like those depicted in Martial law may become more towards the norm if this path continues.

My favourite quote of the moment with regards to all this:

“A society that will trade a little liberty for a little order will lose both and deserve neither.” - Thomas Jefferson

On 911 truth, another video that may interest:


There is some loose change footage contained in it but mixed with other content, particularly interesting is Jeff king, a MIT Scientist.

Let`s see how the story will be continued at loose change 4

Noam Chomsky’s take on this subject…


Can`t say I agree with Chomsky there, from what I gather this is not likely to be a Bush/ Republican party job anyway but more so a cleek within the secret services etc.

Reading Webster Griffin Tarpleys book on this at the moment which covers this theory in some depth, 911 Synthetic terror made in USA

Another interesting vid on the collapses:


Aaron Russo has gone public saying that he was told before 911 that an event was going to take place to galvanize the american public for wars in the middle-east with a lot more.

The whole interview is worth a watch IMO:


Yeah that’s why he made this movie and released it on independance day 2006.
The movie is public domain for a good reason:

It gives you a different view upon money… what the hell is money anyway these days…?

Yes, seen that also. Its a pretty good arguement made in that film, the part where he interviews the IRS man is pretty incredible where he refuses to continue the interview as he won`t answer the questions!

Read a pretty good introductory book to the Federal reserve system recently also called The Case Against The Fed by Murray Rothbard. It documents how the modern banking system works in the U.S. and how it was enacted in 1913. Doesn`t sound like the most interesting of subjects until you see the benefit derived from this system by the bankers themselves! Basically interest-earning money from thin air!

You can hear G. Edward Griffin talk on this subject here also:

Edit: removed link temp, looking for better one.

To be honest, the whole banking system for the federal reserve is not only a problem in the US.
They are trying to digitalize the whole monetary system all over the world already for quite some years.
In some ways it is very comfortable that thieves won’t be able to rob you, but it is only nice if the government doesn’t take over from where these ordinary thieves have to stop due to their new limits.
We have had introduced a chipcard for change money and it was introduced to make efforts to stop people from using paper money to exchange and the literal quote from a banking corporations spokeswoman was “the banks want people to keep their money on their accounts and as less as possible in their wallets” so i understand now what is exactly behind this but we talk about the introduction of this over 8 years ago.
So they have been very busy the past decade to get this going.
The first attempt wasn’t really getting from the ground because the banking world below the central bank are competitors and each wanted their own brand of chipcard on the market which resulted in the end two different chipcards got released. And this failed because the industrial market was not awaiting to have two different systems that deals with both cards and the wholesale systems that could deal with both cards were too expensive for most stores and companies to have the technique enabled from both cards which resulted in people not using the chipcard simply because the guarantee you could pay small change with it was very low.
So this resulted in one of the cards being taken from the market and the bank that brought it out got forced to use the other standard so there would be only one standard.
However it is still not a success everywhere since a lof of business companies still don’t support the chipcard at all (gasolinestations, parkingmeters etc.)
I guess the IRS just generally applied their tax system because it is being applied in every country in a general form.
In most of these countries however, there is no such constitional law that limits expansion of tax possibilities and i think this 16th amandement has been a pain in the ass for as long as they had to deal with it.
But indeed prooves the essence of how governments changes… our own government had an informational and serving purpose as well but we have this horror situations where wellfare agents strip unwealthy people as well and accuse them from fraud that has not been committed, make them sign changed testimonials that people didn’t gave but didn’t checked either when they signed.

I am beginning to get a slight idea why our financial minister always wanted to get rid of our national debt… it could be possible to disconnect our governmental monetary system from the banking system which would make it possible to disconnect from other means.
But what would have happened if our Dutch minister of Finance would have argumented his goal with the above story?
At least it confirms that our government has no influence anymore on what laws apply and which don’t and i notice this in my work on many fields specially when it goes to governmental departments on border patrol (see patrol and general) where complete departments are changed of management and employees and the folks on the outside that have no urge to be replaced are getting scary because they don’t know anyone anymore at the on-shore offices of their tax agency departments (Border patrol also has tax officers) and they for sure don’t know what their future will involve when border patrol will change in Europe.

This thing is getting more interesting by the day… it would probably mean we don’t need money anymore sooner or later. But what will replace it?

Some interesting points there vV. I tend to think that Russo is correct on the microchipping being the final goal of all of this unless some more acceptable way to the population can be manufactured by the powers that be. so far there have been technical difficulties that they run into in implementation (like you say, and with ID cards in Britain) but that will not last forever.

I would not be sure on the point you say about keeping safe from theives as theives always seem to find a way around these things (at least for those who it is there profession)

I agree 100% with the that the government would take over from theives regardless anyhow. History shows that you should not trust governments and that`s exactly what the American constitution is about in limiting governmental power and decentralizing it as much as reasonably possible.

Your financial minister would have had to be a brave man to take on that arguement and no doubt would have been shipped out of office very quickly!

Overall I think that 911 truth throws a huge spanner in the works for TPTB and resting on it may be the personal liberties/ freedom of generations!

A comfy leash, which in turn will be phased out in favor of corpses and clones… give or take.

Alex Jones Latest film Endgame can be seen now on googlevideo, think it is hes best yet:


Quite a long one @ 2.20, had a couple of breaks between watching :)

Anyone notice btw. that Russo died just few months after the release of zeitgeist?

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