[91 Bpm] Slightly Dubious Morse-code Beat

Finished this ‘hip hop’ instrumental today, I might try and get a certain person to deliver his wackiness on if I can get him inspire to do so. But like to share it as it is now…

Stream the track here:

Direct dl:

Words are always appreciated.



hehe i love this, so wacky yet every time I listen to it I can’t help but think, why didn’t I think of that?!

Awesome dude!

Grts, Custard.

Thnx man! Whats up with the name change custard? Having multiple personalities? :)

yo, this gave me a good :walkman: (listeniing) starts out like a “wonky” hiphop elektrobeat and then changing in sme kind of “jazzy” vibe … nice!

for me as an old hiphopper and bassfreak; the kick &or bass could have a little more lo-end to it but thats just me…

have a great day!


Thnx compact, will have my mate Tracky B add some of his wacky lyrics :)

So will have a chance to do an update and work on the bass.



damn…tracky b?!! this guy must eat&drink music…he´s absolutely 100% into his shit, very kool!

happy new year, bro!!!