9134 Synth1 Patches


found some link to 9134 synth1 patches, posted by DragonSagoth on kvr in this topic.

download zip!


@ eeter

pm me and i can send the files with mail
i was fast enough to download it


apparently he updated it … http://www.mediafire.com/?5olf8uriplxkd90

it’s only 9006 patches now… hahah.

DAMN!!! :panic:

wow, Synth 1, I never hear of it before. Number 1 on KVR, seems very popular :o
I will try it.

how do you get these presets to work??

in synth1 options you need to set the path to the .zip file. after that they should show up as banks.

ahh yes thanks,got it working :D