96khz can be cool, but might be useless

I’ve been playing with the “renderer” which is very, very handy indeed.
I firstly rendered my latest song, orangeski, in 96khz, 32bit and here is what i experienced.

No regrets for waiting 15 minutes for about 12 tracks… everything is done automatically, including file naming if one per track (btw, an option to use track name instead could be an interesting feature as well…)

Then, 4Gb was the price to pay for a 3.30 song… (I said to myself: this is going to be insane to master :) )

But soon I found that in that particular case it was useless because some of the VSTi did not support 96khz. Thus, my “The Grand” (piano) plugin was transposed roughly one octave higher. I suspect this to happen with a few other plugins (both commercial and free, in this case it is a commercial one), so be careful…

Anyway, this is one of the features that made me say “wow!”

That’s all, 'just wanted to share some impressions…


yes, its a shame that some vsti’s dont support all available samplerates. but there is nothing that I can do here.

oh, please taktik! make an automagic fix for this. :P

no, really. it’s a shame. and it’s not even an issue that complicates the programming of a plugin even a tiny little bit…

well “The Grand” from Steinberg is basing on a 3gig sample library and its sampled in 44khz, so its a bit complicated for them to make 96khz output.

happy new year

They would just have to resample to another rate on the fly, not at all a complicated or difficult task for them. But it would take a bit more processing time, so I guess that’s why they omitted it.

What I know it´s useless to record at 96 kHz because you really need high-end (hardware?) converters to avoid degrade of quality when converting back to CD-quality. But converting a mastered 24 or 32 bits track to 16 is much better then doing everything at 16 bits.

Im rendering at 44,1 kHz 32bits :)