99% VST Sale, Worth it?? [Nopes]

Hello, check out this 99% off sale, it seems a bit ODD.

Are these products of any use to Renoise users? Is this a good deal?

They claim that you can get $1500 worth of VST software for only $50…


It is odd. 1% of 1452 is $14,52, not $49.
It is still 96,97% off though if those plugins are really worth it. But the one screaming 99% off didn’t finished his or her math class properly.
There will probably a few usable pearls among them, if they are worth 49 bucks combined, you might consider buying the pack (12 plugins).

If you search for Crysonic on kvraudio they have a terrible reputation.

Do not buy these products. At any price.

I guess they shouldn’t have picked a name with the word “cry” in it…
But the wrong math was then a pretty good hint of how good their products are…

The top of their web pages says “Javascript Menu by Deluxe-Menu.com”. Very pro touch!

Pretty guis, though. Maybe they could change their name to crygrafix and get into doing that for other developers and leave poor musicians alone.

Yeah, you know a good DSP programmer when he fails dividing by 100.

Ofcourse that was just pun-only intended.
I suspect they hired freelance programmers to make the stuff for them. But freelance programmers prostitute themselves as much as they need to get some good income and the highest bidder always gets the highest priority which means they won’t fix your stuff ASAP when you snap your fingers.

haven’t tried any of them, but apparently the plugins are decent and worth the price, but the company is a joke.

wouldn’t buy.