99Sounds Music Making Contest

" Rules: Use ONLY the loops and samples available for download on 99Soundsto create a track. Using 3rd partysamples and/or virtual instruments (apart from a sampler) is not allowed. You ARE allowed to edit and process99Sounds samples and loops withanysampler instrument (either a hardware device or a virtual instrument) such as Kontakt, HALion, Shortcircuit, etc. You ARE allowed to use any DAW and any amount of internal or external effects in your project.Feel free to manipulate and process the sounds inside your DAW or an audio editor. All music genres accepted."

Now tell me THAT doesn’t sound like a perfect contest for Renoisers. Full details and download links for sample packs below.


Looks like a contest that doesn’t suck. Thanks, I’ll give it a shot!

I doubt I’ll make the deadline, but this is an awesome find for the sample sets alone. Many thanks :smiley:

Yep, those are some really awesome sample packs!