what is this in layman terms…

take me through it…onagai

9xx is [i]sample offset[/i] command; it can be used in two ways, depending on how you have set the Song Properties => 09/Pitch Mode setting:

Amiga/FT2 9xx:
9xx is used to play a sample starting from the xxth byte of its data.

ReNoise 9xx:
9xx is used to play a sample starting from xx/256 (xxth out of 256 parts) of the sample.

Both of commands can be inverted by using B00 (sample backward) command on the same note (f.e.: 925-ReNoise will play the sample backward, starting from 75%)

Very useful when you want to fake different accents for drumkits
(f.e.: try 90A-ReNoise on a snare)

thank you but

laymans terms…please…

how do you input the command 9xx?

Quick Tutorial:

9xx… where xx = sample position (in Hex)
Suppose this is the lenght of your sample.


900_________________980 (50%)_________________9FF

900=Triggers sample from beginning
980=Triggers sample exactly from half
9FF=Triggers sample in the end of it

it’s obviously true also:

900_______940_______980 (50%)_______9C0_______9FF

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It’s a Pattern Command… you enter EDIT MODE and move the cursor untill it’s positioned on the “Pattern Commands” column.
Then you have 4 blank spaces to write your command.
In this case you’re supposed to write down ----> 09xx <— with a zero.
( it will automatically write down the zero for you when you simply write the 9 in the correct place )

so you type on the keyboard the command…?

no numbers are entered when i type.


edit mode?

damn i must be stoopid or something…

“escape” is the defauld key to enter edit mode… The red (depends on your color theme) rectangle will apper around pattern editor…

now you can enter notes by pressing your midi or computer keyboard… on the far right of the track you can see pattern command bar, you can insert different commands there… the 09xx is one of the commands…