A beat picker outer type thing

I would love one of those things that finds the points in drumloops and you can them save them out as seperate samples.

MP3 functionality.

and erm I’ll get back to you.

Hey Harrrrrrrrry!

Yeah that WOULD be a nice feature :D

Maybe there’s some software out there that already does what you want?.. Wouldn’t surprise me if it was.


PS: I believe ReCycle by Propellerheads has that feature.

PPS: I see you joined at the same date as me!!! Brotha!!! :lol:

PPPS: I also see you’re one number ahead of me… dang got there before me :P

there is a prog called wavesurgeon, the tryout version does exactly what you want (it does only lack dumping to samplers) and its as good as recycle.


Word @ looza:

Wavesurgeon and it’s advanced brother moebius are very nice beat slicers i have the registered one and the user support is very good. I like especially the fact that you can dump the slices in standard *.wav instead of the more propriety .REX format (as recycle does)

With recycle you can “export” .wav, just not “save” .wav!

i’ll have to try moebius out.

after the millions of other programs sitting in “try these out”