A Big Thanks To DBlue

Ok Seriously Dblue… You Are The Man !!!

First, i heard dblue name for the first time from is Glitch Vst and wow it was one of the best free vst out there and still with me in a lot of my songs !

After, i bought renoise and being in love with it and i saw he was a renoise master

Then, as a newbie i continue to work with renoise and as i am still learning i always come up with something i must learn and then i go on the forum and search…


So it has 2 explanation… First one, Maybe he has some kind of Time Traveling Machine and goes into all user house sneeking up for their renoise needs or he is just a wonderful person that have a passion and share this passion with everyone else. Just to let you know DBlue that all you past post and you vsts are helping a lot of people around the world and you should be pround of this !

Thank You Dblue !

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Cheers :D


Ha ha. Yeah. It’s true. You’re pretty much the shit, Kieran.

Three cheers for dblue!


don’t ever spell his name wrong though, like d-blue, or d-bizzle.

hands up if you knew dblue Glitch before Renoise (i did) :)
…and agreed dblue has had so so many helpful comments/etc, i believe i’ve learned like half the Renoise features thanks to him lol

The dblue bitcrusher is still my favourite bitcrusher of all time.

Tapestop kills it too.

this !


He’s the man. :)

Yep. Same here.

I don’t think so but I did know about it before it was provided totally for free and provided the small donation which was asked for its use.

Yes, everything that’s been said. Yes. Thank you for everything.

And yea, I tinkered with Glitch long before I knew he was a Renoise Jedi.

This may sound like an Amazon.com product review or something, but…

…what I like about dblue is that he has always acted in a clear, sane and friendly manner towards others while at the same time displaying huge amounts of integrity.

While some Renoise users seem to be constantly stoned or have a life-sucks-attitude, guys like dblue (or taktik, or Ledger, or…) have always provided a counter-weight to all that, steering it all up in productive ways. That seems like a future proof concept, adding more value to the product itself.

The only thing that I’ll never understand about these developer guys is why they seem to insist on putting everything into a single compiled application. Why not have Renoise the tracker and then build bridges to new products that could extend the Renoise family tree, like for example a Renoise Arranger that could load many Renoise tracker instances and treat them all as clips? We’ll see what 2.9 (or 3.0…) brings to the table, but it seems to be quite a challenge to avoid turning Renoise into a non-bloated piece of software.

praise to dblue also from here XD


PS: I thought everyone knew this, but just in case, taktik and Ledger are actually fake accounts that dblue uses to make Renoise look more legitimate.

Doh! cover blown. Oh well better spark up another, to calm the nerves… :)

Oops. Of course I meant to say that it seems like quite a challenge for the devs to avoid turning Renoise the tracker into bloatware… :)

and dblue is actually a fake account that willie nelson uses to make the stuff he does on computers after he’s smoked too much weed seem more legitimate.

and willie nelson is actually a fake person that weed uses to make itself seem like a human being in order to interface with and control society on earth.

and weed is actually a plant that thc uses to make itself seem like it’s a part of nature on earth.

and thc is actually a computer program ported to molecular structure by a race of immortal aliens to disguise their direction of human society.

these aliens don’t know it but they are actually angels rejected by god and sent to a far off planet after their memories were deleted.

but this rejection was part of god’s plan and the alien/demons are, in reality, agents of divine law.

This leads us to the inevitable (but obvious) conclusion that dblue is god’s expression of itself on earth. In most esoteric views, this means he actually is god (more or less).

Proof of this is? Have you ever seen willie nelson and dblue in the same place at the same time? Didn’t think so!

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Yes, and thanks for killing IDM.

Kidding, kidding :slight_smile: