A bit of sound design with Renoise

Hi all! This is my first post on forum.

I am an amateur sound designer from Moscow.

As well I am a professional DevOps Engineer and sounds is just my hobby.
I was familiar with old trackers (Scream, Fast and Impulse) so Renoise fits me comepletely.

This thing I made then tested a licensed Renoise 3.2.2 (have using a sample from distribution pack).

Used soft:
Renoise 3.2.2
Slate Digital FG-MU multiband compressor
Infected Mushroom Wider

I hope you will enjoy it.


hi mate,
first of all - welcome to the forum!
i think this track is too wide, there is no bass you should do ‘mono check’ occasionally by putting stereo expander, and sliding stereo width all to the left. (at the end of the master chain)
i think the issue is caused by infected mushroom wider (name implies that it does stereo widening :D)

Other than that, it’s not bad at all.
Cheers from the DevOps also:)

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Thanks a lot!

I think it is not wider itself, I’m just overfocused on groove and forgot (in some kind) about good sound disposition.

But your advice to do a “mono check” is very important for me. I have heard about it but never use (and completely forgot about that method).

That is a problem for me to mixing sounds for bad acoustic (I’m using an ordinary LCD TV panel speakers as sound monitor). I can’t find a “silver bullet” to make sound that will be good both for headphones and speakers. So I’m trying to compensate an insipid speakers sound with fat compression and widening.

But I’m trying to improve my experience with every new composition :smiley:

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i’m mixing 99% on headphones, so i do not have exact issue, but i can totally understand your situation. I couldn’t even mix on TV speakers even if you point a gun to my face… Cheers!

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