A Breakthrough In Computer Speed

Here is a very intresting article about a breakthrough in computer technology that I translated from swedish today, just for fun :)

I´m not sure about the proper word for half-leading material is in English,
half conducting?

Scientists on KTH in Sweden have made a discovery that will revolutionize the speed
and size of computers.
Its the biggest breakthrough for computer speed since the transistor was invented says
headmaster Anders Flodstrom.

Computers will become significantly smaller and faster.
For the first time there is now a material that is booth
halfleading (half conducting?) and have magnetic abilities at room temperature, says
Venkat Rao, professor in material physic.

Its under his lead that the team of scientists have taken the lead in the international race to
come up with tomorrows technology.

-We have had some luck, says professor Borje Johansson who is part of the team.
Scientist all over the world have in many years searched for “the spinning transistor”.
But its only in laboratories at very low temperatures that it has existed.
As late as January this year the highest temperature that it could exist in was -101 Degrees Celsius. And then that was considered a milestone.

But now scientists from KTH and the university of Uppsala has found a mix
of zinkoxid that makes the spinningtransistor possible at room temperature.
That means that it will be possible to mass-produce.

-Its hard to predict what the consequences of this new technology will be.
But the computers will become much smaller and faster than today, says Borje Johansson.

The discovery is based on the electrons so called spinning. Magnetism in iron derives from thist phenomena. This spinning has a certain direction and that direction can be used as a information carrier in for example a computer. But this technology is also predicted to
be able to replace a lot of today’s technology.

It has taken the science team about three years to make the discovery.
They are now expecting a invasion of scientist at KTH once the news is spread around the world.

The results will be published in Nature Materials October issue.


I read this article this morning too, very amazing :)

semi-conducting ;)

btw, I’ve studied over 4 years on KTH :)

They say that in 5 years they will have started to massproduce this material. It would mean up to 10 times speed increase.

If we aply this to Mores law that say that the computer speed is doubled every 18 month.

After five years the computer speed would be 24 gigahertz than times 10 is 240 gigahertz! But lets be real lets say 120 Gigahertz…

Hmm, I want those computer now :P