A Cheap 32 Knobs Midi Controller

this looks good;

I’ve always found overpriced stuff, when talking about MIDI controllers, but this one gets:

  • 8 presetable (32 presets availabe) motor-driven push-knobs (pushing and rotation events recognized) with LEDs indicating their level (they can also feedback MIDI CC messages coming from software)
  • 24 endless rotary knobs
  • 20 programmable MIDI keys
  • 2 pedal switches inputs
  • works on XP and MacOs X via USB and/or MIDI.

sold at 129€ on that site.

Any opinions?

Would be a nice mixer panel.

I thought the Mawzer modular controller looked pretty cool myself. Check out the cool little drag&drop demo they have on the site.

does this mean that if you had automations/effects mapped to this controller, and you played your song back, the knobs would move automatically while the song is playing? that would be so cool!! great price if it can actually do that! i might consider getting this

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wish i had a decent camera i could do that with. maybe i will.

yes, that would be so. I hardly believe if I don’t see it with my eyes, though :)

also, I wonder how could one modify a knob value when playing a song, if the knobs keep on changing their value…? :huh:

i cant seem to find, where it actualy says that the knobs are motor driven?


Only the faders seem to be motorised. The knob position is shown by LEDs, so there’s no need for a motor. ;)


there is two verision of that controller though… one with knobs and other with faders

ah scats, i always forget to log in lately :-/

i would go with the one with the knobs. for two reasons:

  1. you have more controllers in the knobs version.
  2. as far as i understood it, all the knobs are endless, what faders can’t be. endless knobs are really nice if you reload your song a few days later. if you have the faders, the controlled parameter in renoise would jump to the absolute value of the fader when you tweak it. (not that good if you moved the fader while tweaking other songs meanwhile)
    this can’t happen with endless knobs.

if anyone goes with one of these, know that with renoise’s current limitations none of the motorized functions work with it.

ive had a bcf2000 (the one with faders) for well over a year, i bought mine the day they were put on shelves, and its still going strong.

you are very right about that too, (the fader version)
if renoise was to send the values when the song was loaded the faders would set into place automagically.

I could swear I saw the guy using one of these at the NIN concert I went to last Saturday…

wow that looks pretty nicey…

I wonder if you’re a 100% programmer, wouldnt these knobs and faders be a pain in the ass to use…?

I always thought all these knobs would look very cool, but I manage pretty well with programming all the automations so is there a need for this controller for trackers?

And? did Renoie remember the linkink of the sliders?

The B-Control series has been rated as best chioce compared to the price.

There`s also a DJ Controller out the BCD 2000.