A Cheesy Gift To The Community

I’ve been lurking on this forum and using the Renoise demo from time to time, for almost a year and a half now. Every time I’d get excited about Renoise and start trying to make music with it, I’d miss one of my personalized tools and go running back to my usual sequencer, abandoning the demo for again, but taking some of the ideas I came up with in Renoise with me.

With the release of the 2.0 demo, I’ve been using Renoise more and more, slowly wrapping my brain around its different workflow and getting comfortable with the pattern editor. It’s taken forever, but I’m finally ready to become a registered user and will be purchasing my license this week.

A big part of my decision to finally become a registered user has to do with this community. So, to thank everyone for their help, whether you know you provided it or not, here are a few instruments I put together for Renoise using samples from my collection of cheesy, 80s Yamaha drum machines.

Yamaha RX11
Yamaha RX15
Yamaha RX17
Yamaha RX120

I recently built a GetLoFi Fuzz Kit and ran the Yamaha RX17 through it, recording the result, so I have that instrument available for you all as well.

Yamaha RX17 Fuzz

If you’re interested in learning more about any of these drum machines, I have short write-ups on my blog at the following links. The blog is focused on Propellerheads’ Reason, so if you also use that program, you might find some other, useful files there.

Yamaha RX11
Yamaha RX15
Yamaha RX17
Yamaha RX17 - GetLoFi Fuzz Kit Version
Yamaha RX120

Thanks for all of your help and openness, even if it wasn’t always directed at me. I’ve learned a lot by reading through these forums, paying attention when other people asked questions, and coming back to Renoise again and again, even when I thought I was finished with it. I think that persistence has really paid off, because this is one of the most informed buying decisions I’ve ever made.

Thanks again, everyone!

Thanx to you!  ;)

Nice! I’ll be getting all these tonight!



I like gifts!! B)

Glad you guys are enjoying these. They’ll take a little TLC, because they definitely sound 80s, but I think they’re quite useful with the right processing. The RX17 is my favorite of the bunch and I use its sounds all the time. I hope you find them as useful as I do.

with easter, halloween and martin luther king day at the same time! Thanks for the instruments!

This is great! Thanks! Yamaha for life!

Thanks a lot mate! :) I actually had the RX15 once, it’ll be nice to hear it again. Great work!

Thanks for the positive response, guys. As I think I pointed out, the Yamaha drum sounds aren’t for everyone, given their age and tone, but I’m a fan.

I just posted another set of drum samples from the Yamaha RX17 and my GetLoFi Fuzz Kit on my Reason-centric blog. As I mention on the blog, I really crushed the RX17 with the Fuzz Kit, so the new samples are pretty distorted and harsh.

Here’s a new Renoise instrument using those samples. If you’re interested in reading my original post, you can find it here.

Thanks again, everyone. I’m really enjoying being a registered Renoise user and have been having a blast with it. I appreciate everyone being so open with their own tips, tricks and processes.

I’m liking the ride and snare in the fuzz kit… mmm…

Cheers robbneu!