A clean acoustic drum set

Hi Renoisers–

With so many great xrni instruments floating around, I’m surprised I haven’t found a good ol’ acoustic drum kit – just a nice sounding, clean set of matching kicks, snares, hats, cymbals, toms, etc.

What’s your favorite?

I guess one problem is that a good sounding kit with a lot if velocity layers can be quite big. And in the current version of Renoise that means a) every song file using that kit has to include it, and b) with no DFD the kit goes into memory.

I don’t think a lot of velocity layers are essentially needed for a “workable” kit. (not saying they are not needed though, they definitely are)

A good sounding GM type kit usually does the trick for me personally

If needed I can always make some from an SD50 or something, not the best sounding but they usually work for my needs (or just cannibalizing dry drum sample packs for nice sounds which use single kits)

Sennheiser DrumMic’a is probably the best free acoustic kit you can get. You have to master the german registration though, but it also works with the free Kontakt Player, so you don’t need to own the full version. For another option MT Powerdrumkit is a VST and has a freebie version. Last but not least is Ivy Audio Scott Drums, but you will need the full Kontakt version or use the demo of Kontakt to sample it as XRNI. This would be my 3 favorites for freebies.

@4kb: Yes, there are certainly ways to emulate an analouge kit without velocity layers and get convincing results. One of these is to map velocity to a attack, filter and sample start. Unfortunately Renoise does not allow for the latter, which is why one has to resort to velocity layers in Renoise in order to have the drumkit respond to velocity in a natural way.

Hmm, interesting

I wonder if there is a way around that? (I haven’t given this much thought tbh, going to for the next few days though)

That said, a good sounding kit is still hard to find outside of kontakt it seems… I wonder if just sampling them in renoise (cut out the kontakt middleman) is just an easier solution?

You’d think a good baseline of samples would be easier to find… (though with all that, I still prefer just mangling breaks)

Good sounding kits and even do renoise instruments.

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This is a good free kit: http://forum.cockos.com/showthread.php?t=132576&highlight=big+mono+drum

The guy who made it (Tod, first post) has also done up the SM Drums (another free kit, various sizes, biggest is several GB, smallest is… I don’t remember. See link at bottom of Tod’s first post in this thread). There should be Kontakt, shortcircuit, and ReaSamplOMatic5000 versions. Not sure where I found the shortcircuit version. There is a TX16Wx version out there too. There’s a very good multi-sampled, round-robined 808 somewhere on the Reaper forums, too, think it was just Kontakt and RSM5k, though.

If you want to quickly hear them in action (editable), get Reaper (free for 30 days, stays totally functional forever even after expiry) and load the project, it shows them off very well. Reaper is a very small, clean install, no bullshit with it. Anyway the Big Mono drums have become my go-to acoustic kit in Reaper, I’m not going to claim they match something like EZdrummer (which is pretty great), but they’re damn good and easy to work with. Haven’t yet made them into a Renoise instrument though. Would be great if someone did! (I don’t have much incentive because Reaper, though it’d be pretty cool to do Renoise sample fx on them…).

Good sounding kits and even do renoise instruments.

You can get the 60’s Rogers Pop kit from them for free too. The free version has 3 velocity layers.

^^ Indeed. Use it myself :smiley: