A Color Theme I Made

A color theme I made that I quite like. I tried to simulate a black on green lcd effect.

can u post a pic. i dont wanna dl just anything. i tried making my own but i might as well b color blind.

very nice, they should put it along the new release B)
very neat
very, yeh I like this one

i dunno… its nice to look at it as a picture but i dont feel comfortable working with it… besides the numbers in track DSP etc are almost totally invisible

Hehe, TI calculator tracking… :)

I found a neat program for “which colors look best together” at www.colorschemer.com - that thing is very cool.

http://www.colorblender.com is great, too. Best part is that it works right from the website and you can export the palettes to PhotoShop and stuff.

The text/DSP area looks darker/harder to read in that screen shot than it actually is in renoise.

Wow put that kind of function in Renoise, instant theme! :)

And here I have been struggeling for years as a graphic artist to get the colors right! If only I would have had this :D

Actually I did, I just don’t want anyone to know ;)

To be serious it really made me laugh quite much but it can acctually be quite useful.

I agree, Splajn. Fitting the right colors has always been a “waste of time” :) On the other hand, I wonder which colors really fit together and look fine. I never thought that green and red look good together ;)

Yeah, that would be nice ;) I think, downloading the javascript and converting it to C++ should be easy ;)

Do you not have chrismas where you come from :P

Or at least not holly bushes with the dark green spikey leaves and bright red berries ;)

wow, it looked exactly how i pictured it would look.

no offense…its just very hard on the eyes.