A Complaint About Most Renoise Users Here


i’ve been using renoise as a word processor. i use real music programs like fruity loops to make breakcore.

So, Fruity Loops is a REAL music program? Maybe I missed the tags

haha! :D

That’s awesome! I thought I was alone :)

Considering the singning, well I’m not very good but I’m trying :D

Havn’t you tried yourself? Maybe autotuning? ;)

Less ‘kore’ and ‘school’ and more art please.

It’s so much fun to make though!

Who remembers the “crappiest” song contest we had? I think I was dead last. All because I took crap REALLY literally!!!


trepain - a man who makes shit and is proud of it -

The crappiest song made with renoise…


Old school (tracking) is the art.

art is pushing the boundries of the acceptable.
tracking is tech, tracne is art

or not

Concerning the beatbattle 5: I would definetely not do trance that time

Hehe well I agree that tracne isn’t art.
Considering the definition of art: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Art