A Console For W32 Similar To Xterm!


Woo hoo!

i think the default shell is cmd.exe, it explains how to change that in the readme. ;)

my res is 1280x1024 so it might be too small or too big, but anyhow.
here is the config i am using, if you dont like the default 4:

<?xml version="1.0"?>  
<console title="small_console" change_refresh="5" refresh="100"><br>
	  <name>Lucida Console</name><br>
	  <color r="0" g="0" b="0"></color><br>
	  <docked>bottom left</docked><br>
	  <size rows="10" columns="114" buffer_rows="500"></size><br>
	  <transparency alpha="40" inactive_alpha="0">color key</transparency><br>
		 <color r="255" g="255" b="255"></color><br>
		 <color r="0" g="0" b="0"></color><br>
		 <style>fading block</style>

you can also route the output of other programs into this!
enjoy! :)

Thanks, dude. I’m using it from now on :)


very welcome!
i am rather impressed w/ it.
haven’t been able to figure out how to have tabs yet; tho multiple instances look nice. B)

Do you by chance know any keywords i could use to query info on routing output of software into this?
so far, i know i need to use the PID’s, i am mainly just unsure of the commands i should use.


Tabs are quite simple. You just click the button in the toolbar. But I don’t know any keywords yet since I didn’t have time to look for the documentation (is there any, anyway?).

Also, consider installing GNU-Win32 or Cygwin for Unix-like commands in your command prompt. I was constantly typing “ls” instead of dir so I finally just bit the bullet and installed the GNU commands. Now I can, cp, mv, less, wget, etc. :D

hey guys, what is this again? what does it do?

Sweet! To bad I almost never use the command prompt anymore.
With a discrete background image and the alpha turned up a bit it looks very sleek.

It’s an alternative to the command prompt in windows.

I’ve never heard of this app until now, but why not just use cygwin?


well. i dont really need to use cygwin.

@AVB. sup bro!

its a little sleek console program that takes the place of the command prompt. (it’s nothing but visual) so instead of having the ugly command prompt as your console, you can have this little sleek console to use with whatever shell you want to use.
which i presume by default your shell would be cmd.exe

if it didnt take forever to upload images i would show you my desktop with it running.