A "count In" Feature Is Very Important

If you play like a musician, you need a count in of 1 or 2 “bars” before record starts.
What can i do, if i record the first note in a pattern in realtime or if i record in the middle of the pattern?
This feature with pre-quatisation of the playing notes are killer feature for more fun to shoot up samples, play melodies und feel like a f****ing musician, who can play with childlike lightness music.

I´m pleased, if you incule it in the new version.



In the meantime, if you need to, make an empty 1 or 2 bar pattern before each one you want to record over, and then put a wood block sample on it. :)

Or use the metronome function instead of manually adding a woodblock to it.

Yeah but adding a 1 or 2 beats long in-counter would be very handy…

This would be a useful addition, I agree. First I thought about adding choices for count-in to the current metronome. But then I realized this would be fiddly and not fit well on the screen. So a new button for count-in would be ideal I think. This way you can choose to only have count-in or combine it with metronome.

I still rather go for the metronome ticking in the background and recording starts as soon as midi or tone-key on keyboard is pressed.
You can take as much time as you need to get into the groove before jamming.

I would also like quantization …

when you write at 320+ bpm at speed 3, getting the timing correct on notes is hard as ballz.

Good point. What about the solution I wrote above and have the count in as a config setting, XX lines (or bars or whatever is best) or at first keypress.

Or that… Yeah, that is even better :) But then it should be possible to start the pattern at a specific offset.

me too :rolleyes:

From current row the cursor key is at maybe?
And if possible also the column where it is?

Unless he/she is like me, and can’t play against the metronome. :)

Yep :) That would be great

Probably didn’t tried to replace the wave files used to play the metronome sound?

Hehe. Maybe. The point was just that with compound time, shuffles, syncopation/displacement, swing time, polyrhytm, and all the rest, hearing a metronome beyond the count-in is often distracting. Atleast for me.