A Couple of New Track Commands

Greetings to Renoise team!

I’ve had a revelation lately: why not creating aliases to a particular track command with particular parameters?

For instance, I often use (say) U 05, which naturally raises the pitch by a quarter tone. So, if I could create an alias (or a macro perhaps), I’d be making my shortcut to a more efficient work. Like this (for instance): q (just the letter q). Since you happen to use capital letters for factory default commands, it’s sort of nice to employ small letter for the purpose.

Furthermore, that might be also true for a vector of commands (according to me, a vector is just a couple of commands at the same line); then, such an alias or macro is even more efficient.

Let me go even deeper now: That might be even cooler if I could extend it for the whole matrix of commands (just add the consecutive lines to a vector and you come up with a matrix, right?). I simply make a selection within a track and tell Renoise to turn it into a macro (or what), and by means of a single command of mine, I’m able to carry the day!



Great idea! I made an AutoHotKeys script a couple years back that did a similar thing- certain single keys printed user defined commands to the pattern. It was also color coded from a Luxeed U7 keyboard. Each different type of command was different color(pitch up-green, pitch down-blue,retrig-red,etc)It worked pretty good but was a total hackjob, so it only remained interesting for a couple of weeks.

Native support of snapshotting single commands or lines of commands is super cool. Also if command lines could morph into other lines. Interpolate is good, but the interpolate function could be playable like a note tie, or note on/off. Or perhaps a maYbe command for interpolations. Different probabilities, assignments(macros) can definitely extend sample commands. It is a very Reaktor-esque approach IMO. Or Math approach.

Hi. I made something like this into Paketti and it was plenty fun. I mapped all of the numeric keyboard keys to have counters ranging from Dxx to Uxx to Rxx to whatever, and either the current-line would be affected (+ / -) or a whole selection in the pattern would be affected. it was hard-wired to work on column 1, but still. it was plenty fun.

Oh no. Please no more pattern commands. Instead please allow automation of ALL CURRENT commands. Tracker commands is too old school and limited for the 21st century. Please optimize automation work flow.

i beg to differ - having a multitude of pattern commands and scripted shortcuts leads to dozens of possibilities when it comes to live jamming and improvisation.