A Couple Of Questions.

Hello everyone. I have some questions which I would be thankful if you could answer me:

  1. Let’s say I have a VST which has more than one instrument or prest. I want to use two or more of those. What must I do? Logic tells me that I would have to add twice the same VST, in two instrument slots. But I noticed that the song takes about 20-40 times more time to load, if it doesn’t crash Renoise (1.5 alpha 4), so I guess that’s not the best option. Are there any other options?

1.1: The manual is not very clear (and might be outdated too, so my question remains): "Due some internal limitations a particular VST Instrument can play only on one track at the same time. If you need the same VSTI to play on several tracks you have either to create another instance of that Instrument. Maybe the usage of Send-Track DSPs could help here too. "

  1. Until I finally buy a MIDI kayboard, I have to use this QWERTY keyborad. The problem is that its scale is only two octaves. But in some songs I must input note above or under that scale. How do I do it? I tried the “transpose” option, but it also changes the other notes I’ve input before…

And that’s all. :)

1] yes, you should use more than one instance or use an alias (if the VSTi is multitimbral and you are using 1.5)

In some cases you may also want to use program change to switch between the different sub-instruments: (92 on the pan column + program number in the first two digits of the command column)

2] “/” and “*” keys on the numpad will let you browse through octaves. These keys are configurable just like the others.

About 2), thanks! :)

About 1), I confess I didn’t understand well. :unsure: What’s and alias? (And yes, I’m using Renoise 1.5 Alpha 4)

Aliases are used for VSTi’s that are multitimbral (meaning one instance can be used by several instruments). Aliases can be found at the bottom of the VSTi drop down list in Renoise (separated with a line from the normal VSTi’s. To set it up do like this:

Select instrument nr 1. Pick a multitimbral VSTi.
Select instrument nr 2. Find the alias of the VSTi you already added and select that one.
Changed MIDI channel to 2 (or any other channel than instrument nr 1 has… this is what separates the two instruments).