A Couple Of Renoise Videos

i prefer part two, but part one is more interesting visually

part one (4+4+2)


i know those snares sound horrible

part two is more fun,


any comments appreciated

Well, being a Bulgarian myself, I was curious about the folklore element. The part at the end of the first video - it felt quite randomly stuck in. It didn’t fit very well. In the second video you used the folk samples much better. Still… breakcore (is this breakcore? it’s at speed 1 so I guess it is :P) doesn’t seem a good context for folklore mash-ups. It’s too brutal for this.

So, you score points for the effort, but the result didn’t come out quite right.

P.S. Also, you’d better avoid using what’s probably the most annoying sound in history - ICQ’s “u-uh”. :)

ok thanks for bothering to answer :)

haha. for me it’s the herbie hancock ‘rockit’ synth line.

so who or what is ICQ ?