A couple of suggestions for future updates!

I know how much the dev(s) work on Renoise, and I love it so much. However, it would be super nice if there were options in Renoise to:

  • Assign an instrument to a particular track and hide all instrument columns
  • Move the pattern editor further to the left side, such that the only thing showing on it is the orange boxes
  • Double click to select a track
  • Ctrl + Mousewheel to change pitch when a note is selected
  • Have the delete key delete everything in a selection

These are just very minor nitpicks, but honestly they would speed up a lot of people’s workflow in my opinion, especially because these
are common options in other popular trackers, such as Fasttracker and Famitracker. Thanks!

This might not be the answer you want, but some super easy keyboard shortcuts can do basically everything you need, likely faster than with the mouse.

To select everything in a track: Alt-T

To change pitch:

  • Selected note, Semitone down: Alt-F1
  • Selected note, Semitone up: Alt-F2
  • Selected note, Octave down: Alt-F11
  • Selected note, Octave up: Alt-F12
  • All notes in pattern, Semitone down: Ctl-F1
  • All notes in pattern, Semitone up: Ctl-F2
  • All notes in pattern, Octave down: Ctl-F11
  • All notes in pattern, Octave up: Ctl-F12

As for the delete key, try Ctl-X instead (Cut)–it does exactly what you want, with the benefit of having it in a buffer to paste it somewhere else.

It might take some time to get used to the keyboard shortcuts, but they really make editing pretty ridiculously fast. Most of the time I barely touch my mouse at all.


Also, Shift+Del deletes everything in selection.