A Couple Of Vst Bridge Observations

  1. I noticed the bridged VSTs start to distort heavily at around 30% CPU load. It’s very easy to reproduce with VSTis like Tyrell N6, for example, but even with SFZ playing some soundfonts.
    I know bridged VSTs perform worse by default, but some are barely usable, unless significantly increasing the latency.

  2. Seems like if the 64 and 32 bit versions of the plugin have the same file name (in different folders, of course), Renoise will automatically pick the one that matches the Renoise (32/64) version. That’s nice, actually. Is this by design or was I just lucky?
    (EDIT: I saw now in another thread that it is in fact by design.)

Some plugins may require the static buffering toggle in the plugin options to be altered to get rid of the crackles.