A Couple Quick Questions.

Hello, first post here. I’m a proud owner of renoise(meaning I paid for it). It truly is awesome, but learning it is a bit of a challenge.

I just wanted to know how you can make a particular pattern in the sequence have more lines/beat then the rest of the song. I need to interpolate some data, but the sample stretches over multiple patterns. Also, when you boot up renoise, every 4th line is highlighted, but when you increase the lines per beat to 32, which is what I’ve been working with lately, it only has 2 highlighted lines instead of every 4th. Is there a way to change how many lines are highlighted per pattern?

Thanks in advanced.

use command F1xx, where xx is the hexadecimal value corresponding to the number of lines per beat you want to set. For example, to have 12 lines per beat, use F10C. Yon can change LPB value at anytime, even more than once per pattern.

you can only set this property once per song, in the “Song properties” panel, “Pattern Sq./Highlight” section. You can set it to a fixed number of lines, or use “LPB” setting which will always hightlight the first line of a beat

Wow, awesome thanks. Is there anyway to use decimal values instead of hexadecimal for the commands?

i did not know from the top of my head so started searching in the preferences. turns out, you can only change hex/dec for the pattern numbering.

thinking about this, it is logical really why you cannot do commands in decimal values. you’d need a couple extra positions. with hex, you have 16 positions that are one character each. with decimal, how would you reach 16, while using only one character?

a worthwhile learning experience for me. thank you! and welcome to the community.

Look for “Pattern/Seq. Highlight” under “Song Settings.”

Yea, I understand. I guess I just got to get used to using hex. The more I use renoise the more I realize how much work and thought went into the design. Everything is so complicated at first, but as you use it, you realize the what you originally thought was intricate is actually designed to make things very easy, yet limitless. My peers think I’m crazy for not using a standard DAW like Sonar or Protools, but I think in the long run renoise is king.