A demo track

Everything except for guitar is done in Renoise. This was recorded when I wrote the track, so forgive me for rotten guitar parts, haha.

Listen to Ascension:


Awesome guitar sound, and cool riffs too! Sounds kind of like a Peavey 5150 but with more “bite” to it.

What drum sounds did you use?

Thanks for the feedback :) The drums are a combination of old amiga samples and sounds I ripped from a pack called “Drumkit From Hell”. Drumkit F. H. is an expansion of the EZDrummer insrument, however I don’t use that anymore as I am not so much into humanizing. But eventually all the drums will be replaced by a live drummer so it will become kinda humanized anyway.

Great stuff as usual!

Man, that is very nice to hear, thanks!!! The metal factor is bigger this time, but I have just begun tuning the tracks, so alot may happen before it is released.

Here is a another piece that we used to promote a “silent game” concert earlier: