A dj mix xrns download

Hello guys.I understand that Renoise is not the DJ platform, nevertheless I tried to do a mix of MP3 files, just for fun.It’s ambient music under CC license.Enjoy!

Wow, I enjoyed that a lot !! Wouldn’t mind hearing more if this. :)
Do you have it as a FLAC perhaps so I can listen to it on the go?

Hey,thanks! :) I can’t do it right now, but there is a link to netlabel release, in the description of video,you can download tracks from there.Netlabel’s release has another one most beautiful track by Sodomus.

Thanks :)

Nice tuneage and props for mixing them in renoise :)

Great chillout set and thumbs up for the mixing and efx work :)
:walkman: :walkman:

Hey,how about .xrns?)

download: https://www.sendspace.com/file/j7q2q0

I’d hoped it was the mix itself, but it’s not.