"A fasttracker like..."

What defines a tracker? Is it the old school disk-op? Is it the instrument editor? The sample editor?

For me, besides being a faster and more effective music making method, a tracker is the patterneditor and effect commands. Keep this and you can pretty much change everything else.

There is another tracker out there whose whole consept is “being fasttracker like”. Renoise is something else.

hmm… 99% agree. I would add keeping the old-style-like Discop and above all Nibbles :)

totally agree. Being “fastracker like” was Renoise’s start but is not its goal or end :)

Hell yeah! Where’s Nibbles? No wonder my tracking isn’t what it used to be…

except it doesn’t work properly.

i know it’s a beta, it’s been a beta for a looong time. i really look forward to when it’s finished, but until then it’s just not for me.

also, i wasn’t able to find any future release info last time i was there. where exactly should i look? :)

never mind, found it

yay! so it seems the next version will be the ‘ft2 clone’ version; everything after that will just be improving the ‘skale’ aspects of it (which i really don’t need because i’m a registered renoise user).

but good. hooray :)

/me waits in the corners caressing his set of player-killing test modules already used to bugfix XmPlay since version 1.0 B)

We will see if our scientists have finally managed to cope with this so famous cloning techniques :)

:rolleyes: :D

Talking about strange mods… Once upon a time… ( :) ) …I made a mod that had one pattern going backwards, just for fun. Most players and trackers handled this, but the next song I made with a funny looking pattern, protracker was the only app that could play it correctly. It had pattern jumps on each row to a seemingly random position, making it look like complete chaos when playing… :D Quite fun but I got a bunch of complaints from people that couldn’t play it :)

can you come up with some player testing modules for Renoise? we could have use of those for testing new release player consistency?

something like 01xx test, 02xx test, reverb test, delay test… etc. all packed in one or more than one (sorted by test) RNS files.

The problem is not that its impossible to fix this.
My time is just limited as everyones time is, so I have to choose if I make the importer more perfect wich costs a lot of time as the ftII sources are not available or if I spend my time in making new features.
I like to go forward and not backwards. Why dont you render your old songs and master them as wav files ?
You cannot live forever from the old ftII songs that you`ve made. You will start to make new songs with maybe Renoise and then the new features are more helpful as the then unused ftII importer.
Maybe its easy to say for me, as its a long time ago that I wanted to convert my FTII songs to a new tracker. But at the end it was mostly only a nice feeling to play them in the new environment. It was never really usefull or productive.
So I dont want to spend further time with the FTII importer except fixing crash bugs, but maybe Martinal wants to :) or some other developer that would like to do only this for us ?

it seems that renoise still has the tag ‘new’ to it… maybe once it is more established there will be someone who makes a better working standalone converter app :)

on the other hand, a few more tf2 track effects in renoise wouldn’t hurt… not only for conversion issues.

I really think Triton/Starbreeze have acted like irresponsible assholes in this matter… Why not just release the source? It’s not like they’re ever gonna continue developing it… and if they decided to make another fasttracker I’m pretty sure they would start all over again with fresh new code.

Triton/Starbreeze’s lack of respect for the scene has now resulted in a situation where people have to use time consuming trial and error coding just to get a working player.

yeah… like the already requetsted fine portamento and fine volume slide and panning slide

I hear you on this, Yannick… and I agree somehow, being one of those who actually did not sent any contribution even using ft2 very intensively… <_<

I don’t get you here Phonkey… I think the people behind Ft2 has done a LOT to the scene!
You wouldn’t have to complain at all if they would really lack in respect to the scene… because the same Ft2 wouldn’t exist without people making it, so you wouldn’t even know about it! :)
The existence of FT2 was rather one of the most basic pillars of the scene.
Without this great piece of software none of us, veteran sceners, would have tracked anything after moving to PC from Amiga’s ProTracker… or at least -I- wouldn’t have.
I feel gratefull to them for Ft2 at least as much as I feel gratefull to the Renoise developement team for what they are actually doing.

Let me start of by saying that the only reason I am here is because I also did a search on google related to fasttracker 2 and windows xp and I saw something pop up that said Renoise… I didnt pay it much mind because I’ve downloaded a few programs that said they were like Fasttracker 2 and ended up being a bunch of crap.

I just downloaded Renoise but didnt get a chance to un-zip it yet so I have yet to try it out (ummmmmmm, see if I like it)

Going back to this Fasttracker 2 debate… I agree with both sides I agree with people that say we need to move on and I agree with those that love the old school style of fasttracker.

The main reason I and I think so many others enjoyed and loved working with fasttracker is because the interface was soo easy to work with… for myself I’ve never been one of those people that could sit their and just “PROGRAM MUSIC” I had to feel the music that I was composing and FT2 was one of the few if not the only program that gave me that freedom to create music as I felt it.

I remember using the keyboard just like it was a real musical keyboard… I couldnt do that with other programs. most people looked at a program like fasttracker and said what is this? a toy? but for me it was a sequencer that used 16bit 44.1 khz samples and to me that was all I cared about.

I knew my skills when it came to composing and mixing sounds. I could do things with fasttracker 2 that I couldnt even do with my EMU SP-12 (thats a sampling drum machine, pretty old school for you non-studio heads)

Fasttracker 2 reminded me a lot of the MPC-60, so I felt right at home using it. I used Fasttracker 2 to sample and to sequence my beats. I would compose the beats in fasttracker then record the tracks down to HD… once I had everything down on HD… I would go into windows and edit the tracks with SOUND FORGE. after this I was ready to take the tracks into the main recording studio where I mixed everything.

It’s not what you use but how you use it! for me FASTTRACKER was tool like soo many other tools I used to create beats/tracks. so while FASTTRACKER 2 wasnt the only tool I used to create music it was a major part in my pre-production home studio.

I will un-zip renoise tonight and give it a test run.

Slatez (like we used to say in the golden times)


I checked the it out!

At first I ran into a small problem because I forgot that I had a virtual audio cable installed on system for use with Cubase VST, so I had to find the damn docs. so I could un-install it.

I was just messing around with some of demo songs just playing with the instruments to see if I liked the feel of the program and I have to say… Renoise is about as good as it gets for an ex-FT2 user.

You guys did a really good job!

I’m truly amazed and I will support your product!

This is what I’ve been waiting for. A program with the feel of FT2, and with the power of a program greater than FT2. Renoise is a MUST! and i repeat! A MUST for any ex-FT2 user that has been in search of a new program to work with.

One cool feature and this is just for eye-candy value but if you guys added a real studio mixer interface something like the ones in cubase and orion pro… that would be like a dream come true LOL.

But really on the serious side! you guys have a really great product here!