"A fasttracker like..."

It’s a silly question, but since it comes to my mind each time I visit renoise.com, I’ll let it slide out:

the title says “fasttracker like windows music tracker”. Isn’t it time to break the chains of this heritage? Memories of fasttracker are perceivable in Renoise just in something of the general structure of the tracker. RNS is now something definitely greater, and on certain degree - different.

Just this.

i only started using renoise because it was fast tracker-like

and i know i’m not the only one who has, or the only one that will


(plus the FT2 similarity is more than tenuous, imo. for the renoise team to not give credit to it would be …wrong)

A redesign of the pages is coming sometime soon.

I would rather use this expression to point to a bad thing… not to a good thing such as “where Renoise comes from”

No doubt it is… but I don’t think that “Ft2-like” means “just another ft2 clone”… it probably means that the way you use to compose with it(tracking) it’s different from the rest… and being Ft2 the greatest of all past trackers (or at least the most known and used) it makes sense to call RNS a “Ft2-like” tracker.
Not to mention the fact that, yes Gwilym, I decided to come here and give it a try because I saw “fasttracker like windows music tracker” on a banner… and was totally compelled to have it.

Well, ok. You all are right - but I’ve just got this feeling that all trackers strive to be what FastTracker was. Ok, fasttracker “invented” a certain layout, a certain structure.

But it’s like if we’d call every car in the world a mercedes-benz-like, because all cars have four wheels and the same kind of engine.

Not that an heritage is bad, but … bwah! Just another silly pseudo-philosphical discussion. Sorry for starting it up!

I agree. FastTracker is and has always been crap so any references to that program is just bad :D :lol:
And if renoise team shall give credits to any other program it shall be SoundTracker rather than FT2 I think… ;) And the fact is that the things that renoise still have incommon with FT2 is just the bad things. Even the darn diskop still looks like in ft2 (and even like the one in soundtracker, a tracker from 1987!!), and that is in my opinion not realy something good (the environment isn’t DOS anymore so it is no reason to inventing the wheel again, it is in my opinion better to use the classes for controller built in to the OS rather than to write them all from scratch)… so my words will be better to drop all thouse “references” and make a modern tracker instead… ;)
A tagline like “a modern tracker” or similar would be more suitable rather than any references to a tracker from stone age… ;) Thous who have used FT2 would probably know what a tracker is aswell even if the “fast” part is replaced by modern ;)
Thouse people who want a pure FT2-ripoff can go and use sk@le :rolleyes: ;)

haven’t you been talking that FT2 is perfect back in 1992? :)

just joking, you are right, Renoise is breaking out of the FT2 heritage with the next release. Also it is breaking out of tracker-only sphere of music software - moving into real professional sphere. we will probably lose “pro music tracker” out of the name it will be just “pro music software”. (of course it will still have pattern editor, this is just a change of slogan)

At the time we designed a site many people were searching for “fasttracker for windows”. Today most of the searches are “renoise” or “renoise tracker” (95%) which shows few things about Renoise evolution. Nobody is interested anymore in FT2.

Would you call a Ferrari something else than “Car” just because it’s better than an old Ford T?
Do you feel disappointed by the fact that we’re still using the word “Car” for both ?

Renoise IS a tracker… you might remove the “Fasttracker-like” thing…
but at least it should still be known that Renoise IS (and proudly) a TRACKER… and not just another music sequencer.

If you intend to follow “what people expects”… instead of actively propose an alternative… then we know what Renoise would look like… many other programs are actually developing in order to satisfy their users… infact they quite look like they are all the same program… that’s logic because music makers are all asking, more or less, for the same things…

We’ll end up with just another music sequencer… useless to say, I will not only NOT buy it… but at that point I would probably move back to other music programs… they ALREADY have added and modified a LOT of usefull features.

At that point what will make the difference?
The price? So Renoise will be known as the
Software that does almost what any other software does …but it costs less” ?? :huh:

yah. while i think that ‘pro’ is a pretty subjective term, ‘pro music tracker’ is about the best description i can think of. except perhaps ‘ubertracker.’

‘pro music software’…egh. no, don’t use that. it’s way too ambiguous and about as descriptive as


Renoise -=IS=- FT2-like.
I’ve even mod’ed my GUI to make it look as similar as possible.
Just to make the inspiration come instantly. :drummer:
Renoise have what Modplug and Skale ain’t got… -=BAAAWLS=-.

Not really… ST could not load samples by browsing a disk. They had to be added to a playlist first. Gotta be glad this is not the case anymore for Renoise :P :D

Yeah, i’m also a fasttracker-veteran, been using fasttracker for 5 years, and finally found something that feels and looks like, but (thank god) does not sounds like fasttracker :)

This was the main reason for why I bought Renoise!

Oh oh, and shaper’s music of course :D

Gotta love it!


Why??? :huh:

I thought you were trying to bring the tracking concept into the professional world!?

I guess for some people the word tracker is embarrasing and not something you wan’t to be associated with (In fear of having so called “professional” musicians laughing at you).

Ofcourse being “fasttracker like” is not something to strive for. Lets face it, if we all thought ft2 was so damn great we wouldn’t be using Renoise. I’m all for implementing a new sequencer and things like that to compensate for gaps and shortcommings in the traditional tracker but if you try to tone down the tracker part in order to lure over some Cubase and Reason users then you’re on very thin ice. :(

[Now picture some dramatic music while I try to make this last part into a epic speach]

Let it be known that we’re not a community to be taken lightly. Let it be known that tracking is not synonymous with “being less professional”. If we just stay focused and do not stray from the path once laid out for us by our lord and saviour TakTik then mark my word, trackers will once again roam the face of the earth!!

I doubt TakTik’s original plan was to make another mainstream sequencer. [dramatic pause]
He was aiming to make the best god damn tracker known to mankind!

…well, ehrm, :rolleyes: … Keep “Pro Music Tracker” …please.

alright, pro music tracker it is :)
but the recognition amongst magazines and so called “professional musicians” is a must

I totally agree (with your whole post) and IMO, just because some people ‘being embarrased’ and some pros thinking it’s unproffessional we should go through hell and high water to prove that a tracker is as apt way as any to produce HQ music… It’s all up to our skill and creativity I think… I mean, trackers has come along way since the '80s (I even (faintly) remember some trackyish prog on the ZXspeccy from the early '80s) so there’s not much left before trackers are a valid pro alternative… Renoise .is. and will be proof of this I hope, thanks to the splendid dev. team…

Oh, and I thought some of the ReNoise users here actually were professionals… If the definition of professional is that one gets paid for what he does :P :D

no, but seriously… I agree it’s a must but that shouldn’t mean a cover up of what it’s all about, no? I like to see your development of RNS as striving for (as already stated by someone in another thread) ‘the best from both worlds’ and also to be proud of ones origins, heritage, whathaveyou…

I’m proud of my tracker history and enormously grateful to you, the Renoise-team, for doing this shitload of work piecing it together and I’m quite certain I’m .not. alone… :P (!)

Obviously Renoise is far more powerful than Fast Tracker, but the only reason I downloaded Renoise in the first place was because I did a search on google, found the Renoise homepage, and they said it was like Fast Tracker!

Fast Tracker was just incredible in it’s time. I owe so much to the guys behind it.

Associating Renoise with the Fast Tracker style is a good thing. There are still lots of old fast tracker users that need to discover Renoise.

At the end of the day though, Renoise is an awesome bit of software in its own right. :)

I’m also a Fasttracker and Protracker veteran…

But I think we should keep in mind that the goal of Renoise is to get known and used by the maximum amount of people possible. And maybe it’s safe to assume that tracker users are now some kind of “minority” in the world.
Most of ‘pros’ and ‘bedroom’ musicians are MIDI guys, and for these people “trackers” often refers to something out-dated and obscur (when they’ve at least heard of those). So in my humble opinion, having “FT2” written in big is not the best way to attract the biggest strangers amount…

But I agree Renoise IS definitely still a tracker (and that’s good!). But maybe in the future, it would be safer to “market it” in a newer way ?

Remember that most people on this forum are ex sceners/Fasttracker/Protracker users. There are no statistics for how many cubasers/logic users etc that turned down Renoise because it said “fasttracker” like. Although noone should be that narrow-minded I think lots of people are… :)

And I am one of them, but if Renoise would have been even one single inch closer to FastTracker or Protracker I would have stop using it long time ago. I think renoise already has to many inheritances from the past. I do not want a stoneage tracker. I want a modern tracker and I personally think it is time for people to grow up and don’t be so darn conservative… ;)
I do not saying that we shall turn renoise into another cubase-clone, but it is realy not necessarily to imitate behaviours, gui and features that felt ancient years ago… ;)

btw, I’m drunk :lol: :D It always funny do argue in this kind of state :D

I know… I’m just talking about what I think is a huge probability. :)
And as you say, most REGISTERED users are ex-sceners/trackers… :)
Renoise is a religion, we need some new faithful ones ! :)