A Few Basic Things!

A few questions actually:

1 - If I have a MIDI controller which I’m using to trigger settings on a VST softsynth in Renoise, can I record all this in real-time as I’m playing the track?

2 - Can I use an LFO to somehow trigger MIDI notes?

3 - How I can loop a selection of consecutive patterns rather than just a single pattern?

Thanks in advance!

  1. Yes. Have you set it up so you can hear the changes you are making and it’s just not recording so far?

  2. If I understand what you mean then no.

  3. Next to the patterns you will see a little area you can click on to highlight. Use this to loop a selection of patterns.

about 2: I have suggested a MidiNote Device in the past, which would solve your problem. read more

  1. http://tutorials.renoise.com/wiki/Recording_and_Editing_Notes#Live_Recording

  2. http://tutorials.renoise.com/wiki/Pattern_Sequencer#Triggering_Patterns

Didn’t know you could do it like that. As long as the Sequence Editor is focused you can also highlight the range of pattern and hit Ctrl+L.

Thanks very much everyone for the helpful tips! I’ve got some experimenting to do now! =)

Too bad about the MIDI note / LFO thing, I wonder if one could do something like that using Max? And then somehow tie it to Renoise? I have no idea, I haven’t used Max yet…