A Few Curiosities..


I’ve been making a quick (1 pattern) mix and it’s going quite good.

But since I am very new to the program, I have some questions.

Firstly, how should I go about adding notes, or err, triggers Between each of the lines, so I am able to get a quicker paced beat?

I like many of you like fast paced beats, and I know that increasing the BPM would be the normal thing to do to have more options for different timings… but I was hoping there is a different way?

Currently, I’m in 160bpm, 1/4. And for me personally, even if I have all the tiggers touching each other (no spaces) it is still not fast enough for me.

I come from tracktion 2, and I would like to know about the more complex timings renoise has, without having to wop the bpm to 400, and having to have hundreds of pages of patterns to sift through.


ok, I done some researching, and I think I found that there’s a delay feature for each note, but I’m not sure if its the only way.

Oh yeah, sweet man. thanks a lot.

There’s something about Renoise that makes me want to do beats…

When I’m sitting in front of cubase/tracktion I have bad memories of crashes, and genrally not having a fun time with them, but already (20 min in) And i’ve created quite a nice drum beat.

I had so much stress with cubase, litrally to the point where I could not launch it, it was that bad… If you want to know why, one of the many reasons, it lost a lot of my mixes because it crashed a lot… and blah… anyway

Yeah, I think I’ll still use tracktion for melody composition (chords)… but for beats and sorting out the audio I’m going to use renoise in future.

p.s. I had an amiga a600 + a1200, ( I was very young, a relative had them ) so I used some random apps on it, one of them being octimed I think.

Oh yeah, nice read, shame the pictures on the first post are not up still, but I understand the concept.

I like it. That guy is obiviousely quite passionate about it.

If it were to be like that with a horizantle sequncer (chords etc) then it would be the best of both worlds of course.

Does anyone know (when making a small melody line) how to end the current note?.. I’ve got an acid bass line but it jst keeps going on.

thanks a lot for your help.

:lol: :lol: :lol:

Aw, this would be SO sweet! :dribble:

You could choose to render via arranger OR regular pattern sequencer, merge any two patterns by selecting them and choosing ‘merge’…

This WITH visible waveforms (in the arranger) and audio recording would make Renoise SO ultimate!!! :D:D:D

Ah well, in the mean time it really makes me want to make beats as well. :)

Welcome to the club, JOshier. :)

But from the looks of it, when we have an arranger in place, the scopes won’t work. :panic: