A Few Ideas and Musings

Is it possible to enable a paged view as opposed to the “infinite-scrolling” view? Or, is this just the way Discourse works?

Separate Categories for Redux and Sononym (as it has no separate forums) might be useful.

Just a couple thoughts. I’ll add more as I have them.


I think the new forum (can you even call this just a “forum” still) is quite a drastic change. Users usually don’t mind what the backend is, if the frontend is familiar. The new fronted, however, is not. It is entirely different to pretty much any forum software out there :frowning:

It would be great if thread lists (whether per category or something like “latest”) could indicate who posted the last reply in a thread and when.


It is quite drastic change.

Is this the revenge from the team to the forum community for being lame and trolling whack and demanding updates and infos on updates all the time?

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It’s indeed just the way discourse works and nothing we can change. But it’s how the web works in general nowadays.

No revenge. But it was time to get rid of the old heavily customized forum, cause it was unmaintainable for us. There’s a lot of sensible user data in this forum, which we can’t promise to keep safe when running a no longer maintained old forum software.

Also, the new forum gives it’s regular user a lot more power with it’s trust levels and helps us a lot dealing with spam and trolling users.

I see this as a chance to give the Renoise community a new boost. :wink:

A separate category for Redux indeed would be nice. We currently only have a beginners section for Redux.

Sononym, although partly created by the same people that also created Renoise, is a separate product. It shouldn’t be discussed here, but should get its own discussion platform somewhere else.

The category for Redux definitely came to mind first as far as “improvements” to the Forum go, even though I have yet to even demo it. (I’ll likely buy a license, if only to support development)

Concerning Sononym, I figured that that was the case.

Or, is this just the way Discourse works?

It’s indeed just the way discourse works and nothing we can change. But it’s how the web works in general nowadays.

This behaviour is geared towards mobile phones. Very rarely am I browsing these forums on my Android because i’m an old man.

Also, Renoise is a desktop app, still.

Anyway, no worries.I started a separate thread about this. It could be merged with this one to save space.


DIscourse is the currently maintained forum software du jour. We use it where I work too. I think it’s just a matter of choosing the path of least resistance?

I still never have gotten used to it… Oh well.

WTF? No it isn’t. Its how some poorly designed sites work.

No need to continue with such poor usabilty.

I appreciate the time and effort to try to update the site, but Discourse was a really bad choice. It is so clunky it will curtail much of my posting here.

I’ve tried dealing with it on other sites, and I’m seeing the same issue here. Constantly prompted to log in. Unable to quickly jump to the end of the page. Hard to tell who’s replying to whom.

At least there’s still the Reddit forum. Not ideal but less wonky.

Edit: Thank you for still handling old URLs.

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To be fair, Discourse has a very nice markdown preview while editing posts.

But, serous question: If Discourse is only offering on-demand content loading while scrolling, how are pages and page content indexed by Google, etc.?

Clicking the “3h ago” will scroll to the last post. The same is true for the frontpage (“2h” far right et c), which I didn’t see until after a while. The CSS is lacking quite a bit of “good practice”.

(Other than that, I personally like the new tech)

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I like the new forum :drummer:

An idea for the side scroller:

Currently it jumps to the scrolling animated GIF on the top while loading. This jumping around looks kind of ugly. Instead that jumping could be simply prevented or the loading animation right next to the page marker.

And then the loaded sub contents seem not to be cached, see MBC thread.

That’s handy (though nowhere near as keyboard-friendly and universal as ctrl+end)


@James_Britt Home and End seem to work here: Firefox, Windows.

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Ah, so they do. Thank you.

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When i first logged in to the new forum i honestly thought i should wait untill everything was back in place considering it was all messed up at that point, but then i realised that this is actually how it looks now.
I must honestly say i’m not very pleased with the new style, but i hope i can get used to it.

@TheBellows I can recommend @joule 's Stylus mod if you are on firefox. He`s done some great work and it does ease the pain a bit:

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I don’t really use firefox, but maybe i’ll give it a chance.

It seems pretty stable these days; I remember a version a while ago that kept borking, which was something to do with flash I think, no probs here now though.

Lots of addons to check out though. ‘Foxy Gestures’ is one worth getting if you like using mouse gestures.