A Few Ideas/suggestions

hello all. i just recently purchased renoise and… :w00t: :yeah:

i aplogize if these have been mentioned before (i couldn’t find anything after doing a quick search)

i’d love:

-To be able to have different cut/note off/continue for each sample within each instrument.
-To be able to freely drag and drop samples from one instrument folder to another, instead of having to go to the explorer window, loading and renaming…especially useful if you’re using the render to wave function alot…
-‘collapseable’ tracks lanes.
-to have the option to save your samples/'render to wave audio clips outside of the renoise song file. I won’t always be using Renoise as my main sequencer, but I will always be you using it as a sampler….it would save a lot of time to be able to access samples from a separate, non-rar directory…
-in the sample window (top right, bottom of instruments window): to be able to tab to and scroll down the sample list(with the qwerty arrows)…

i’m loving this :walkman:

Yeah, not just instruments though, any file/folder… that would be so sweet.


You can do this in 1.9.

sweet, upgrading now!!

further to the above wish, it would be great to be able to have a choice of bit/sample rate when using the ‘render selection to sample’…not all of my tools use 32 bit…


any word on this being implemented? The Render Selection to Wave is brilliant…but having to unpack the sample from the renoise song file (everytime i render) to be able to load it into other samplers REALLY, REALLY kills the workflow!

you could simply have a checkbox that, when checked, allowed you to choose to save all rendered samples to a standard folder directory as well as in the song file. if you left the box un-checked, it would only save to the renoise song file…it would also have the option to save rendered samples to 16 or 24 bit…

thanks guys. still loving it!

meloday you can always rename your working .xrns file to .rar and easily extract all included and/or rendered samples outside from this rar.

a “render selection”-checkbox to allow rendering straight to harddisk, that would be great …

yes, that’s what i need! :dribble:

Just a question: Is not save sample enough?

no. i must not be explaining myself clearly…although looza seemed to get it…


  1. i program a pattern in renoise.
  2. i render the pattern to sample.
  3. load liveslice vsti.
  4. then i try to load the sample i just rendered into liveslice, but i can’t because it’s zipped in the renoise song file.

instead of having to unzip the sample every single time i render to wave, it would REALLY REALLY speed up the workflow if you could render the wave to somewhere ‘outside’ of the rar’d renoise song file…so its instantly accessible through renoise’s browser… :slight_smile:

hey ceejay,

yes, but i render alot of samples as i go…not just at once…it’s a real pain to have to extract the sample everytime i render and want to use it in a plugin sampler…


saving the sample via diskbrowser or extracting it from the xrns does work ofcourse, a simple “render to harddisk”-option would just save some time.

From what you say it seems to me that you’re perhaps not aware that you can save a sample from Renoise.
Just select ‘Sample’ in the browser, type a name in that box and click on the ‘floppy disk’ icon. Like saving a song, basically.

Maybe you knew this, but it already happened in the past that people didn’t know about this function.

The procedure above is not much slower than if you had the “render to disk” or the “save as” dialog. Actually it can also be faster.

holy shit! i’m an idiot. i had no idea that i could do that! moderators, you have my permission to delete this thread to save me further embarrassment :badteeth:

thanks very much ermi for pointing this out :D


It’s actually a ZIP file, not RAR… might be good to know when compressing files back into the archive or Renoise might complain.

okay. i thought i’d dig this suggestsion back up. i’ve gotten by for a while using the method mentioned by ermi…but it’s not ideal. Especially when your composing and rendering file after file.

I would really love to have an option to render to a folder outside of the renoise song file. it would save me so many mouse clicks! :w00t: