a few ideas to 3.0 features

a few ideas to 3.0 features…

  1. when pressing “create phrase from selection” the phrase should open!
  2. edit, mix, sampler, plugin, midi - tabs are a good idea…why not adding a “phrases tab” to them? also there could be a pattern selector for the phrases, so it doesnt need to live as a “ghost feature” in renoise. there should be the poss. to rename phrases…
  3. when opening the vst instruments or fx list, why not adding a small checkbox in front of the ooption “collapse whole tree”, same with “expand whole tree”. so renoise remembers this setting. the next time you open the vst instruments list, plugs are collapsed or expanded, whatever you choosed before.
  4. preset handling for song, instruments, samples are on the right side now…ok…why not adding doofer, macros and phrase presets here? so its all together at 1 place. having the option to change the default paths for them in the preferences would be useful and doesnt cost overview here!
  5. internal midi routing…ah well i dont talk about it!

renoise IS a fine piece of software and theres a great chance to make it even better! instead of developing redux you could add a piano roll to the tabs mentioned in 2.
i guess ppl would kiss your feets having this together with internal midi routing.

small changes for the gui…so it looks smarter (flat design like in ableton, with different coloured sections) gives more overview and looks modern. i guess that could be a magnet) ;)/>

Extended browser is very good idea because when i import some impulse response and then wanna import some doofer presets, i need to browse for it at different places everytime.

Remember that you can preset 4 different locations for each browser tab (4 song locations, 4 instr. loc., 4 sample loc. and 4 other loc.). I would think that should cover your mostly used locations unless your harddrive is a total mess?

This would probably be better to post in the beta testing forum (at the bottom) if you want devs to see it, because i think they’re consentrating on that for the moment.

The Other section could at least use 10.

could any op move this to “Renoise 3 Beta - Ideas, Suggestions and Questions” pleeze?