A few improvements

I’m sure a lot has been asked for before, but this is my personal wish list for renoise :)/>)

Editing improvements

  • Scroll wheel support for editting (for editting native eq values etc.)
  • when hovering over vst, they should be auto selected (for use with vst that do use the scroll wheel)
  • when assigning an eq freq. to a controller via duplex, i like to edit the values logarithmic instead of linear
  • Using shift/cntrl+mouse for fine editting the trackdelay (offcourse i’d rather use the shift/cntrl+scroll wheel…)

Workflow improvements

  • When saving a project it always overwrites the samples. This takes some time. Why not only write new and editted samples when overwriting a previous project save.
  • A load and save button on the extern VST window
  • Detachable arranger window for multiple screens

Basic Daw improvements

  • an option to lock a track (so it’s doesn’t get changed by accident)
  • Realtime Arp DSP (or midi out support for vsti)
  • option to have selfmade chords under one key
  • extra option to bypass plugins instead of turning then off and on (results in hickups/timing issues some times)
  • offcourse the much discussed drag/drop of .mid files

Sampler improvements

  • Envelope in sample editor (instead of just fade in/out)
  • more accurate sample envelope (in particular the attack phase)
  • different envelopes inside one instrument
  • sample envelope automation
  • portamento on samples

misc improvements

  • insert dsp for hardware effects (with a nice auto detect delay compensation (an audio click is send and recieved on which the delay gets calculated)
  • More flexible sends returns (maybe a return inside a group, so it all still goes from ‘left to right’)
  • native convolution reverb
  • vst3 support
  • auto suspend for effects
  • a short count-in for my virus ti to sync it’s arps (les than 1 whole bar in the preferences)

RENOISE RULES anyway!!! <3 <3

+1 for all these. would definitely increase overall awesomeness.

Very much yes to these. Especially the sampler features.

Yes to a lot of these things.
I fear the saving only new samples/patterns thing is impossible unfortunately as the .xrns is actually a zipfile… it has to stream back always everything. Sorry for my word order there :)

+1 Yeah, surely some nice additional features there.

Here is a solution/workaround: It’s possible to edit the keyzone and have multiple samples present for each note, each one transposed differently?

I’m the author of Duplex. Be careful what you wish for :slight_smile:

WOw danoise. That would be cool. :):slight_smile:

A few little things in the pattern editor that would really really make my day… these can’t be scripted, at least not without a hideous mess of hackiness, and they’re just small things that i guess would be very easy to implement:

  • (i’ve mentioned these first two, but) a keybinding for playing the current line then advancing the cursor by the “editstep” value instead of always one line

  • ( " " " " " ) a key for playing only the note under the cursor, without muting/soloing out tracks or other note columns in the same track

  • To be able to change the octave of notes independently of the note itself

  • When the “Show zeroes” gui option is enabled, also show zeroes in leftmost digit of fx columns, instead of little dots (where the Z would be in global commands like ZTxx)

These small features would be :w00t: AWE :w00t: SOME :w00t: !!!

You mean something else than Alt-F11/F12??

Why do you have show zeroes on?

Sorry I just want to know everything.

I would like to add:

  • LFO LPC param in hex if hex option is checked in preferences
  • LFO Mode switchable between mid/amp and min/max (already posted somewhere else)
  • Delay switchable stereo/mono (same with MTD taps) (" " " ")
  • Sample start&end position/pitch/loop markers automatable (" " gazillion places ")
  • Midi Input tab on instruments also possible to just capture certain ranges of keyboard
  • Ability to route pc/midi keyboard to multiple instruments
  • #Receive device to be placed on group/send tracks only (called sAA through sZZ)
  • Distortion/CabSim/Ringmod options etc in (Multitap) Delay feedback chain

I know… the list goes from easy to implement stuff to more fantastic things… I just wanna be like… it’s not like I didn’t try! :D/>

Perhaps a separate, uncompressed file type could be used? This would be temporary way to update a track multiple times before compressing it back down to an xrns. I save constantly while editing, and would find it really useful, especially when working on big, elaborate projects.

Well I’ve seen another topic about saving everything inside the zip in an svn-like version controlled environment… I was actually a fan of that… So there are definitely things about the file format / saving it that could be improved! I am sometimes annoyed too, while keeping the exact same samples, saving a xrns with vocals in it takes 100x longer than a simple drum+synths+bass song. The big pro of current format is if you take the xrns anywhere, you can just load it up in most recent renoise version and it will play back exactly the same and you never have to think about samples coming from this or that cd or external hd or whatever :) And in my opinion renoise should NEVER lose this, or at least keep it an option for songs without big samples.
So in other words: Renoise handles big samples so well when loading and when they’re in-memory… now the saving part! Aiai.