A few midi/routing enhancements

Hello everyone, it’s been a while since i posted here! Just posting my suggestion for enhancements to midi in Renoise. Hopefully this will be added to List of feature suggestions for Renoise

First one is more for hosting plugins for live performance rather than tracking or sequencing, but here goes… it would be really nice if the same instrument could receive on more than one midi channel, for example if i have several keyboards, sounds or whatever, each on its own midi channel, but i want the same pad layered on all of them. Currently i have to duplicate my pad instrument for each channel i need, and then it’s a pita to change selections on all of them, or delete and re-duplicate etc.

The second is more for tracking, i’ve mentioned it before i believe - it would be nice if the same notes in the pattern editor could trigger more than one instrument at once, instead of having to duplicate the track and change instruments. The advantages of this are pretty obvious =) I think you can probably use some weird midi-mapping trickery to achieve this, but anyway… plus you’d still be stuck in certain situations for ex. when a track changes between different instruments, and so on.

Off the top of my head that’s it for now, aside from the other feature requests i mentioned before, like toggle sharp/flat view mode, relative tempo changes with ZTxx, and the ability to map “,” and “.” to commands instead of C and D notes (they’re duplicates of Q and W anyway) and put back the ability to have the same sample in different zones of an instrument like before.