A Few Questions...

  1. What is “capture nearest instrument”?

  2. How many hardware synths can you use simultaneously?

  3. Why is it possible to use only two MIDI-controllers simultaneously? :( Is it really that complicated to allow the use of three or four controllers at the same time?

1] if you use that feature, ReNoise will automatically select the instrument in the instrument box which is nearest to the current position of the playing cursor. Just try it by moving the cursor over a song and look at the instrument box

2] as many as you can fit into two MIDI ports :)

That’s auto-capture. But you can also press shift+return to capture the nearest instrument just one time.

For inputs, yes. For outputs there’s no limit that I know of.

Uh… sorry, still don’t understand. :( Does it have to be RNI (Instruments)? I’ve tried inserting a few VSTi’s and also RNI’s in the instrument box, I moved around the cursor… what’s supposed to happen?

No, the type doesn’t matter. It will pick the instrument based on the closest note in the pattern editor. Try to insert instrument 1 on track 1 and instrument 2 on track 2, then jump between the tracks and the instrument will automatically change. Or insert instruments 1 and 2 both on track 1 and scroll through the pattern and you’ll see the two instruments automatically be picked.

Thanks Johan! I understand now - of course you have to insert a note before the IC works ;) , that’s why I didn’t understand the first time you explaines it. Very cool feature. :)