A Few Questions

Hi, I’m new to this forum,
I have been using renoise for quite some time now (planning on buying it when I think it’s time).
I used-to-use the windows version of renoise, but last week I decided to stop using windows and completely move over to linux (ubuntu).

I really like the idea of a renoise version for linux, especially since there aren’t many music applications out there for linux.

Anyway i have a few problems getting renoise to work the way I’d want it work.

  1. I can’t get Jack to detect Renoise, even though it does detect other audio applications (I am using ASLA, not sure which version I used apt-get), did I configure it badly or am I using an outdated version of jack?

  2. I installed the TAP LADSPA plugin pack, renoise detects it perfectly, but when I manually add a plugin.so file to my LADSPA plugin directory it does not detect it. What am I doing wrong here?

  3. When I load a VST plugin with FST, the JACK Control GUI freezes, but I can see the plugin in renoise even though its not connected to jack. not sure what to ask here this is more info than a question.

You need to set Renoise to use Jack driver under Renoise preferences. Also it might be problem with soname. Not sure which one Renoise searches for. Some versions have also been said to be incompatible with renoise.

LADSPA is more complicated than that. You don’t only need .so file but also a .rdf descriptor to /usr/share/ladspa/rdf/

Yeah, I found out about the .rdf’s but I don’t know how to do that.
Do you have a link to a tutorial or some instructions on how to do that?

It automaticly does that when it can’t load the ALSA driver, but it simply can’t connect (I have tested it with a few other apps and it works there), I’ll try to install another jack version later on and see what happens.

It is in the LADSPA_PATH, the other plugins are also in the same folder, when i remove a plugin renoise does see its removed. however, these plugins do have an rdf descriptor.

it seems my system is having some trouble with renoise, or the software versions I downloaded with the apt-get command are outdated.

spend too much time on it again, its time to create something in renoise.
I guess I’m just gonna have some fun with the sample drawing tool and the currently working plugins.
And when I feel I need some more I’m gonna give it another try.

Thanks for the help

Ok, I got jack to work!

The problem was, the versions I downloaded with apt-get didn’t work together (lash installed a wrong version of libjack on my pc)

Edit: also got the windows-vst’s to work, when I use lash all my window title bars disappear though.

Well then I guess lash makes my window manager crash when I load a project.
It only works sometimes, but most of the time it crashes.

I got windows vsti’s to work now with fst, I hope it will be built into renoise in a later version.