A Few Small Ideas...


I have been using renoise a lot lately and came to think about few features that would be really handy:

  1. A way to delete notes on muted tracks

I very often mute tracks to hear what way I should take my song. After muting them I always have to manually delete every note and event from them, track after track. That is quite frustrating if you do it a lot. Wouldn’t it be handy to have a small feature in advanced edit that would automatically clear pattern data from muted tracks in a pattern? I think it would probably be quite easy to do.

  1. Possibility to render so that patterns are automatically chopped into pieces and named after the names you have given them in the sequencer

This is because I import my renoise songs into Cubase and always have to manually cut the long audio files so that I can test new arrangements.
It would be so great if renoise had an option to automatically chop the audiofile where the patterns end and name them after the name that is in the sequencer. After that it would be really easy to try different song structures and arrangements in sequencers like Cubase or Sonar!

  1. Undo for sequencer

It would be nice to be able to undo also in the sequencer, because now I sometimes mistakely destroy or change the wrong pattern and can’t remeber what it’s number was originally.