A Few Suggestions

Just some suggestions

  • a check box in the instrument editor or preferences that says "automatically create “drum kit”
    For me that’s the most used feature, I never use “set all to current split”

  • the possibility to drag en drop instruments to sample slots. To work fast, I often load a bunch of percussion samples in instruments, afterwards it’s a mess. I would like to select all those instruments and drag them into the sample slots, Of course it will ignore the instruments settings. Maybe the option the select some instruments, press right mouse button and select “move to sample slot”

  • a way to convert from 4/4 feel to triplet feel, where

4/4 feel is
ticks per line = 3
speed for example = 145
pattern length = 64


triplet feel is
ticks per line = 4
speed for example = 145
pattern length = 48

This could be done with some sort of expand song option (in the advanced pattern editor) but with adjusting speed and note positions.
This could of course also be done by a third party tool. Anyone? :D

  • support for midi vst’s like, chord and arp’s etc

  • a higher resulotion for the pitch envelope in the instrument editor, this way one could load a sine wave and create their own kicks. Nowadays the difference between the highest and the lowest pitch isn’t high enough.

  • since there is no plugin latency compensation yet, maybe it’s possible for the time being to have a plugin/meta device that can calculate the latency. Just by pressing it, it’s sends a silent signal through the dspchain and then calculates how long it took to get trough <_<
    It won’t solve the latency but at least you know what it is and you can correct them when multi tracking in another app.

  • the option to apply a vst effect within the sample editor; like select sample and select a vst effect and press process (not to be mistaken with “process track dsp”).

  • save your own "grooves/rhythms ", when you want a triple feel in a 4/4 (ticks per line = 3, speed for example = 145, pattern length = 64) song you can get this feel using the dx command. This is a lot of work but sounds great. I would like the option to save your own "grooves/rhythms " so you don;t have to start a all over again figuring out where which delay value should be.

Alright that’s it for now folks (there’s plenty more where this came from, but i wouldn;t want to give taktik a heard attack <_< , Let me know what you guys think :D

I will move this to the Ideas & Suggestion section, since this is really nothing which could be done in this release

I thought suggestions considering 1.8 and further where supposed to be posted in the 1.8 section
My mistake :)