A Few Useful Ideas

Hello there. i’ve some ideas (i think its not hard to realize):

  1. dB labels on top level meter and ability to choice RMS/PEAK meter. Now its no so informative.
  2. bit depth/sample rate columns (or additional field to show this after focused on each sample file) in disk browser
  3. time column in disk browser
  4. dB labels in sample editor (on left side, like many other wave editors)
  5. “magnetic” VST/VSTi windows (magnetic with each other or to screen border)
  6. brighter (or “bold”) ACTIVE DSP in channel dsp chain (individual color for active dsp in color theme ?)
  7. mixer wide/narrow view and ability to change slider height
  8. two sliders/knobs on wave-scopes - amp/freq for WAVEFORM VIEW ONLY (not processing any audio), it’s very useful to analyze wave shape (like u-he ACE synth)


  1. +1
  2. +1
  3. +1
  4. ~ (maybe)
  5. ~ (got nothing against it, as long as its configurable)
  6. (not sure what you mean)
  7. why do you need the wide/narrow? the adjustable heights: is that because sometimes the audio in a channel stays too loud?
  8. +1
  1. I would say definitely. Hate the amount of wave editors I have recently tried that don’t have -6dB at half level and although Renoise is the fact I had to change volume on a normalised sample to check that is just silly.

  2. Currently, if DSP chain hasn’t got keyboard focus, the currently selected DSP shows as slightly darker and it is easy to miss. Then again, as keyboard isn’t focused there, what difference does it make? If focus is on DSP chain then it gets highlighted with an orange lines around it (default skin) and is clearly evident. Why do you need to know which DSP you last clicked on if you haven’t got focus on that panel anyway? Maybe would be nice if focus changed in Mixer view with a change of parameter though. Currently, if you click on dead space on a DSP it selects in it the Mixer, but if you click on a slider or arrors to change value the slected DSP does not change in the Mixer.

  1. it’s significant to always check real audio level in dB for me
  2. i think it will be a nice (exclusive :) ) renoise feature
  3. so now the currently selected DSP shows as slightly darker. The keyword is “slightly”. And, if there more than 3 dsps its easy to miss selected dsp. I suggest to add individual color in color theme that show active dsp background.
  4. i mean wide/narrow with width of each mixer strip(like cubase mixer view). The ajustable height will be very nice feature too (like ableton live). No, not too loud, but have a lot of tracks :)
  1. There is no problem, when i have focused on dsp chain, but from time to time i move any slider and then looking thru the pattern (with focused on pattern). After return my sight back to dsp chain (to fix some params) its hard to find dsp i needed.

some additional (useful for small laptop screens) :
9) make popup-menu with Ctrl+RightMouseButton (for example) on area of opened VST/VSTi window with checkbox “enable keyboard” and “random” instead window header (plugin name) and footer (check box and button).

anyway i think it’s easy to release all theese hints