A few wishes

Here are a few wishes (I have moved the bugs to a different thread).

  1. Concerning the use of Renoise Instruments as shortcuts to vst instrument presets:

It takes a long time to create many Renoise Instruments that contain a shortcuts to vst instruments presets, especially when you create 1000+ renoise instruments like this. I would love if this could be done faster, because I want to use Renoise Instrument as shortcuts to all my best vst instrument presets. Renoise instruments with shortcuts to Native Instrument Kontakt library presets are so much faster than using NI Kontakt itself, because NI Kontakt currently does not remember the last used folder. Here are some ideas.

1.1. “Save Renoise Instrument as” keyboard shortcut.

1.2. “Save Renoise Instrument with the current name to the last used folder” keyboard shortcut… so I dont have to enter the folder and filename and click save.

1.3. (ok. this is not Renoise). Preset names automatically shown for more vst instruments. I wish that in the future it is possible to see the name of the vst instrument preset loaded in any vst instruments. I personally miss the preset names for Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2, OP-X II Pro 64bit, Z3ta+2 and all Arturia vst instruments. Those are the most important vst instruments for me that does not show the preset names as part of the renoise instrument title. If this is something that the VST instrument developers of these products have not implemented in their plugins, then please let me know what to ask them to add to their software. (edit : I just found out that vst instruments should supporteffGetProgramName in order for the preset name to be shown in Renoise and any other host).

1.4. Mass creation of Renoise Instruments with shortcuts to VST instrument presets. Cubase have a simple batch convertion feature that creates vst3presets for all presets in the currently loaded vst instrument bank. This only works for some vst instruments. Works great with softsynths from superwavesynths.co.uk

1.5. (wrong property?) When using Native Instruments Kontakt then Renoise shows the name of the kontakt instrument loaded. Great. But when loading a MULTI in Kontakt, then it is the name of the first kontakt instrument of the kontakt multi that is shown in Renoise as the name of the preset loaded in Kontakt. Perhaps Kontakt returns the wrong preset name?

  1. Wish : Unused physical memory left

I would like to be able to see how much memory Renoise uses without using the windows task manager, AND how much physical memory is still unused. This could be put next to the CPU % of course. I would really hate if the OS starts to use swap-disks when writing music, because I play some of my samples directly from disk using Native Instruments Kontakt.

  1. Wish : “Max db peak” for every track in the mixer, so it is a little easier to balance (gain stage) the tracks against each other. (edited) Identical to the PEAK L+R there currently exist on the master channel in the mixer, and in order to save screen space, just the number.

  2. (deleted by myself). I figured out how the duplicate instrument keyboard shortcut works.

  3. Old Wish : Track freeze so I can do all my mixing in Renoise instead of rendering individual files to disk and mix in Cubase afterwards. Track freeze works great in Cubase and Studio One. I have tried the track freeze plugin for Renoise but that one takes up extra tracks, which is not optimal.

  4. Old Wish : When working with polyphonic instruments and live record a track using a midikeyboard, then it would be great if the notes were ordered from left to right, with the lowest pitch notes to the left and the highest pitch notes to the right, like on a piano. This would make it easier to edit chords tracks and other polyphonic stuff.

Thank you for your time and my favorite software.


p.s. I could not paste this text into this form field using msie, even though I disabled clipboard protection settings. However it works fine in Chrome.

on a side note to the Renoise team, Is it better to have all suggestions in one post like this or spread across different threads?